What is Black Hat SEO in 2021

What is Black hat  SEO in 2021  

Black Hat SEO is most ordinarily defined as a disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page’s ranking during a program result page (SERP). These practices are against the program’s terms of service and may end in the location being banned from the search engine and affiliate sites.

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Is black Hat SEO Good Or Bad?

These kinds of questions will definitely come to your mind.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about it in very simple words will black SEO is good or bad and we will describe the reason.

Black hat SEO techniques explained

We all know there is no special method to rank your website or post on google.

A lot of SEO factor is used for ranking on google.

Some users try to get a fast ranking in google and try to get heavy traffic on their website which is against the rules of the search engine those bad things are known as Black Hat SEO.

We all know google used lots of factors to ranking any website the can be high-quality backlink or DA PA or High-quality content or more legal way which google search support, but some user makes unlimited backlink of their own website and do keyword stuffing and lots of illegal ways they implement in his websites like backlink these links are created by spam and automated websites, in starting bots and spiders of the search engines are easily rank a website, but in after some time, your website will ban by google.

Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, most of the website was penalized who used black SEO technique on their website.

Therefore, we should always work keeping in mind the rules of the search engine, because even if the search engine changes its algorithm, it will affect your website.

The black hat SEO is completely opposite to the white hat SEO.

This website are often ranked except for a really short time! Now we are getting to tell you about some method which is named black hat SEO

Types of Black Hat SEO

These are 6 types of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

  1. Cloaking
  2. Meta Tag Stuffing
  3. Keyword Stuffing
  4. Doorway or Gateway Pages
  5. Mirror Websites
  6. Page Hijacking

1. Cloaking

When the search engine spider or bot crawls through these pages, it is satisfied with the process of creating the page, but the display to the visitors is something else. This process is called cloaking.

2. Meta Tag Stuffing

While writing the meta tag keyword, any SEO process should keep in mind that the content that is given on the page should represent it only. Excessive use of any single keyword in a meta tag is always considered meta tag stuffing.

3. Keyword Stuffing

There is always confusion in debates on what percentage of keyword density will be good for SEO Techniques. There is no fixed parameter to confirm this. But most SEO professionals prefer only 2-3% keyword density. Using more keywords to create only an illusion for Search Engines bots is also a wrong technique and is commonly called Keyword Stuffing.

4. Doorway 

These are low-quality web pages that do not have enough content, but they are full of keyword stuffing. The process of making these Poor quality pages has been called Doorway or Gateway pages.

5. Mirror Websites

In this process, a person creates many websites but they all have the same type of content.

6. Page Hijacking

Page Hijacking is a technique in which one creates a dummy and bogus content that is served as the original content in front of the crawler. But it sends the user to a nasty or fraudulent website.

These are some of the less popular techniques that we should avoid aspects of SEO on any website.



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