Top 17 Exclusively Free Tools for SEO Optimisation

Want to start working on SEO? Are you worried about your budget?
What if you get some Free Tools For SEO Optimization? Won’t it be like icing on the cake?
In the period of Google Era, whether it’s a writer or a blogger or any person managing a website, needs to rank #1 on google. The demand for the best tools to optimize SEO has been increasing.
But what exactly SEO is?
SEO is a search engine optimization from where google enables your practice of enhancing the quantity and quality of traffic that leads to your website through organic search engine results.
There are several tools and techniques used to improve your SEO which are at cost as well as free of cost.
As a beginner, if you are initiating your work on SEO then this article will help you.
You can also check the basic steps of SEO. This will help you to understand the importance of the tools that we are going to discuss.
Let’s get straight to The Top 17 Best SEO optimizing Tools, I recommend for every beginner or a newbie.

The Top 17 Best Free Tools For SEO Optimization

Tool 1: Seobility

Seobility is a famous tool used as a site analyzer. It provides you a complete report of your site issues and errors. You can easily understand where your site stands on SERPs and what you can do to improve it to Optimize its standard on SEO.
You can rectify the errors such as Slow loading pages, Blocked pages, Sitemap problems, Technical SEO issues, and many more.

Tool 2: Frase

I recently discovered Frase and got amazed by its results. It’s an easy to go tool for creating a content brief and writing it. Although it’s not as popular as other tools, every digital marketer should be aware of this.
Frase helps you to create brief content with the content topic, and sub-topics which will help you to gain authority on the niche you are covering.Tools For SEO optimization
You can also get this as the content optimizer part, which scans the top-ranking articles and will suggest to you to add the key points to improve your ranking.
You can easily use this feature for your existing article or even for a new one. It’s just like a magic stick blown on your work and get it ranked.
The most reliable editing tool which I prefer is Hemingway Editor. Its also not as popular as many other tools like Grammarly. But as a free tool for SEO with great results, I suggest, using this, to optimize your content for readability.
Hemingway works as a proof-reader to find complex and inability to read sentences. It will grade your work and suggest to you ways to improve it more further.
tools for seo optimization
What I do is Just copy-paste my writing in Hemingway editor and the results do the rest. I just need to work on improving my grades and my content is ready to go.
Just remember, don’t pursue higher grades. Target the grades between 5 to 7, as reading grades because there must be some technical writings where grades could be higher. Usually, I recommend using its free version. There is also a pro version which is available for $19.99.

Tool 4: Ubbersuggest extension

Ubbersuggest powered by Neil Patel is quite a well-known Tool for keyword research. You’ll get detailed data on keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more.
But Ubbersuggest extension is more preferable as you can directly work through google without pooping into the Tools panel.
Confused? Let’s simply tackle this.
Ubbersuggest extention
It’s a chrome extended version where you need to type your keyword on google and you will get your keyword result on google SERPs just as shown below.
With the help of this tool, you can easily get keyword overview details, CPC, Volume of traffic, and many more.
If you are looking for well searched long-tailed keywords or frequently asked questions for your content, this tool will surely worth trying.
Answer the public tool helps you to find Prepositions, questions, comparisons, alphabetically related searches. You can relate your topic and find the most searched queries on your topic.
Let’s make this more clear.
If you enter your basic keyword – let’s go with the Chocolate Shake. You’ll find around 300+ search results on your topic.
These cover most of the search queries like who, what, why, where, when, can, If, are, is, and so on.
You’ll get questions that people ask on any platforms like forums, blogs, and social media.


When you are working on your site or page, you give your 100% to optimize it and make it SEO friendly. But are you sure it is as optimized as it should be?
Let’s turn the table and try to see it with the view of the Search engine.
BROWSEO is a tool that works as a baby version of a Search engine. It will give you an overview of how your website looks in the Eye of a Search engine.
The Best feature of BROWSEO is to provide a preview version of your title and description tag. You can easily understand whether they are SEO-friendly (or too long).
The process of optimizing title and description can lead you to get more organic clicks.
Calling for free tools for SEO, Google always remains at its peak.
Google Search Console is like asking the help for SEO directly from google. As discussed above, no search is complete without Google.
If you want any help, it’s a straight Call to ask for.
You can also use this tool as a rank tracker and check the ranking of your site in the SERPs.
GSC contains a major feature called Index Coverage Report. It provides you a list of pages that aren’t getting indexed on your site.
The speed of your Site decides the user experience. The better your Speed is, the more user loves to visit your site.
Slow pages affect the conversions and damage your rankings.
So let Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool manage and improve the speed of your site.
Even if you are completely non-technical, you need to understand the areas that are affecting the speed of your site. Speed errors include many factors such as image load time or server issues.
Google PageSpeed Insights resolves complete technical SEO issues and show the areas that are performing well. This tool provides you the data for your site’s PageSpeed score which will help you to learn how to improve it and fix its highlighted issues.

Tool 9: Questiondb

Questiondb is also quite similar to Answer the as it generates the best blog topic Ideas.
Whether you use a free version or paid, if you use it correctly, you’ll get incredible results and will let you dive deeper and deeper into it.
This tool contains almost 31,050,540 Questions in its database.
The most amazing feature that differentiates it from others is you can search on QuestionDB, and you get a list of specific questions for your topics. You can use it as content ideas for your blog. And it’s not it. To help further, write those topics, toggle the “source” button on and you can click through to where the question was previously asked and what others answered.

Tool 10: SmallSeoTools

As we are discussing the Free Tools for SEO Optimization, we can’t neglect the key feature of SERPs.
The most essential tool for the whole SEO is a Plagiarism Checker. This tool provides you the result of duplications in your work. is a free tool where you can check your work by pasting it in its check box. The limit of this tool is 1000 words per search.
This is again not as famous as Copyscape but you will get a good result as a freemium tool

Tool 11: SEMrush

If you are searching for the most trusted keyword tool which every top internet marketer recommends, so try this.
Semrush is a completely free SEO Tool that analyzes the keywords and will track its whole strategy used by your competitors.
Though it does have a premium version.
The key feature of this tool is, it not only provides keyword research but also audits backlinks. It makes you understand your site’s domain authority. Eventually, the site helps you to figure out the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Tool 12: BlackhatLinks

Links are a vital step for the steadiness in SEO.
If you are looking for complete guidance on link planning and management, Check out this amazing tool.
BlackhatLinks provides you 100% verified links. It’s the best tool used to buy a private blog network or PBN backlinks.
This tool will give you a proper site audit. You can observe whether using their backlinks has improved your domain score on SERPs or not.
BlackhatLinks is the cheapest and easiest way to get backlinks as per your domain niches.

Tool 13: Yoast SEO

Yoast is a free SEO tool in the form of a WordPress plugin that is recommended to every WordPress user. It helps you to easily boost your SEO strategy in your content and change it as per SERPs understanding. It mainly focused on On-site and On-page SEO.
You can easily understand where your content stands in an SEO position through its color grading feature. By adding SEO-friendly titles and Meta descriptions, you can also preview how your content looks on SERPs.

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It also contains a Premium version but freemium is all to go for a beginner and is best for keyword analysis for your domain. If we go for the Pro version, it provides you the entire site audit where you can rectify whole technical and non-technical SEO errors. It eventually helps to boost your SERPs ranking and enhance the ratings of your website.
As compared to the Google search console, the Bing Webmaster tool gives you more insights into your site’s performance.
You’ll get an overview of your sight that how well your site is performing and what you need to improve in it.
The best feature I discover about the Bing tool is you can understand how your users are finding your site to allow you to prioritize improvements.
you can easily diagnose the site issues by receiving alerts and notifications from Bing.

Tool 15: Screaming Frog

It’s a fact that working on technical SEO is not so easy.
Finding solutions for Technical SEO problems is like fixing millions of pieces of broken glass.
Screaming Frog tool crawls your site and generates a report of potential issues using Google. It covers almost all the matter of HTTP header errors, bloated HTML, javascript rendering issues, and crawl errors.
Have you ever had a Duplication problem with your content?
As a matter of fact, Google hates duplicate content. This tool has a key feature to ID pages with duplicate content.
With the free version, the tool has a crawl limit of 500 URLs.

Tool 16: ShortPixel

Images attract the mind of the readers. But the most irritating moment for a reader is the lack of loading speed of the webpage, and it’s only because of high-quality images. Alas! you lose your readers’ attention.
Heavy images usually give more load to your page speed. To fix such a bottleneck just work on this image optimizing solution.
When it comes to WordPress, the ShortPixel plugin tops the chart of image optimizing solutions. You can automatically reduce the size of the image without affecting its quality.

Tool 17: Woorank

Woorank is another auditing tool that analyzes your website.
This tool provides you a detailed report on SEO for your website which includes On-page and Off-Page SEO, Broken links and backlinks, and also locate defective webpages.
With the help of its recommendations, you can easily improve your site visibility.
There are also paid versions available for Woorank but as a free tool for SEO, it can be of great use. You can also download the PDF formated audit reports which can be easily understood to fix the web issues.

Free Bonus Tool for Seo Optimization:

Once again not so famous but highly recommend boosting your Headline for diving your reader’s attention.
Headlines are the cover of your content. The more captivated it is, the more readers dive for it.
To optimize your Headline and make it more attractive to catch your reader’s attention, try this user-friendly tool.
Headline analyzer tool eventually rates your Headlines and you can improve it more further.
Note: Your headlines matter to convert your reader. Optimize your Title to enhance the rate of conversions. 

Final Words For free tools for SEO.

The above discussed Free tools for SEO Optimizations are just a drop from an ocean. You need to just understand the basic steps of SEO.
What are the 3 steps to successful SEO?
Step 1: Understand Your targeted customers or readers and give them exactly what they are searching for. You know SERPs do the same.
Step 2: Follow the consistency of your product and optimize it frequently as the market runs on demand. And we all know how fast the taste changes of the customer. Even google demands the Change.
Step 3: Try to increase the conversion rate through your content. Eventually, it will improve the ratings of your site.
Just work on baby steps and figure out how exactly SERPs tracks the content.
A complete study on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) will give you complete transparency on how to improve your words and enhance the quality of your content.

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