How to use Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure

Want more visibility for your Instagram posts? In this article, I’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to use Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure. You’ll discover how many hashtags you should use, a mix of different types, where to place them, how to know if they are working and how to decide which hashtags to use.

We all know that hashtags are the secret sauce on Instagram but how many you should use? Where should you use them? Which ones should you use? In this article, I’m going to share with you my super-secret recipe to not only get your content found more often but to get more followers and likes.

How many you should use?

You can use up to 30 and anything beyond that won’t show up in search but your first 30 are free to use however you want. But should you use 30? Should you use 5? Should you use 10? How many should you use? I recommend at least 15 to 20.

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Now I know you may be freaking out because some people think that’s a lot and it’s hard to come up with that many hashtags. Don’t worry I got you! I’ve already written an article about an excellent application that will provide you with the most trending Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure.

Instagram hashtags application for trendy hashtags.

So more is better in general, but does that mean you should use all 30? Yeah just go for it. Use as many as you can strategically and relevant to your business, but I recommend about 15-20 as the minimum. If you have enough time, you can use 30 Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure.

Which ones you should use?

Hashtags are used it or lose it type of tool, meaning if you use the hashtags there’s a chance you’re going to get found and if you don’t there are zero chances of getting found. You have to choose the right hashtag for your business or your post that will help you to get viral on Instagram.

You are going to pick hashtags in five categories very popular hashtags, moderately popular hashtags, niche-specific hashtags, brand hashtags, and relevant hashtags for your business. These five-category hashtags are going to be the game-changer for your Instagram account.

  1. Very Popular hashtags

To figure out how popular a hashtag is, you have to go into the search of Instagram, go to the search bar and start typing in a hashtag in the search results, it will tell you how many posts are associated with each of those hashtags. So you have to pick three to five popular Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure.

By popular, I define that as something in the low to mid-hundreds of thousands up to a million posts, for a specific hashtag. Anything over a million becomes irrelevant to you because it’s so saturated with content that the only thing you’re going to attract are spambots and we don’t want that.

  1. Moderately popular hashtags

Then you’re going to pick three to five moderately popular hashtags. These are going to be hashtags that fall in the kind of high tens of thousands into that mid-hundreds of thousand range. Use moderately popular hashtags wisely to get noticed by other users.

  1. Niche-specific hashtags

And then you have to pick three to five niche-specific hashtags, these are super targeted specifically to your industry, what you do, the solution you provide, what your customer is looking for.

  1. Brand hashtags

Then you’re also going to include your 1-2 branded hashtags. This is going to be your brand name hashtags or the hashtag that you’ve created for your own business.

That alone you’re already up to 12-15 hashtags without even trying, you can easily get that 12-15 hashtags. These are a few Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure. Now the key is to find relevant hashtags for your business.

  1. Relevant hashtags for your business

We’re not going to use popular hashtags like #love or #vacation, or something super popular that everybody is using because it’s not related specifically to your business and it’s too concentrated. Instead, we are going to pick that is very specific to your industry to the content that you specifically posted or what is it you offer as a solution.

So now that you’ve learned how to use Instagram hashtags, you are going to use all of these differences. Now the question will pop up in your mind how do these different hashtags work? Okay, let me explain.

How did these hashtags work?

  • Very Popular hashtags- the popular hashtags give you an initial burst of activity from non-followers. But within a matter of seconds, maybe into minutes, your content is going to be buried in the archives of those popular hashtags.
  • Moderately popular hashtags- moderately popular hashtags are going to keep you active for hours into days, so it keeps your content still getting activity and your audience is still liking it as they log in to Instagram.
  • Niche-specific hashtags- they are very super-targeted topics that you choose, you start ranking as a top-performing post. And top-performing posts can stay in those top placements for months. And these are going to be the Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure.

This means if somebody’s looking for that specific hashtag, they go to that search result and you’re one of the first ones, if not the first one, they see in that top-performing hashtag tab, and what happens if they see that? They click on your content, they now are on your profile they follow you because they realize that you’re relevant to them.

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You have a product or a service that is valuable to them. They may even mail you or call you if you have those action buttons turned on your profile and you can close sales with these tactics. So now you know which hashtags you have to use and how many you have to use now the question is where you should put them?

Where you should use Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure?

This is probably the age-old question since hashtags have been used for business on Instagram. Captions or comments, does it matter? In all reality NO. There are various studies out there, some say it’s slightly advantageous to put it in the caption. Some people want to put it in the comment because they want to hide it, they don’t want to look like a spammer or they just don’t want it in their captions.

Here’s the reality, it doesn’t matter. If you use the hashtag recipe that we just talked about whether you put them in the caption or the comments are not going to have a significant impact. It’s not affected by the algorithm, it’s not affected by search results, and they both work just fine.

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The caveat, why I say it doesn’t matter is it does matter. if you’re using popular hashtags. If you’re using something which I don’t recommend you do based on what we just talked about, but if you’re using a hashtag with a five million, ten million that many types of posts associated with it those are the ones you do have to put in the caption.

How do you analyze Instagram hashtags’ performance?

So how do you know if your hashtags are working? Did you show up in a search? Did people find your content? Well, the easiest way to do it is to go back to the post that you uploaded to your feed content, and right below it, you’ll see the view insight button.

Tap on that button and it’s going to open up a little bit of information, and then you’re going to swipe up on that little bar, and when you do that you’ll see a whole bunch of information that will tell you how’s your post performed. Down at the bottom, it’s going to tell you where your impression came from.

And now if you don’t see the option to click on view insights, chances are you’re still a personal profile and view insight is only available to business profiles and creator profiles. So if you want to go ahead upgrade to that business or creator profile, you have to go in your Instagram settings, then click on the account bar, and at the bottom, you’ll see a switch to a professional account. That’s it you have to add some information about yourself, and your account will be switched to a professional account.

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Do these hashtags’ tactics work every time?

So yes this system works but it’s entirely possible that you may not rank for hashtags, and sometimes that’s because your content just isn’t that good, maybe it’s not performing well with your followers, and if it’s not performing well with your followers why would they show it to non-followers? Maybe it’s something that is in a very saturated environment, where it’s just not a good time to show up in those specific hashtag results.

Just keep posting good content and pick the right hashtags, so that your followers will show more interest in your posts, they will like it, share it, and maybe they will comment too. Keep posting good stuff and then you’ll attract non-followers too, Instagram will look at your content and goes WOW, your followers are liking it consistently non-followers are seeing it and liking it.

you’ve figured this whole thing out you’re creating great content that people like and then you’ll get noticed by thousands of users so don’t t forget To use the right Instagram hashtags for maximum exposure.

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So this was a deep dive into hashtags strategies exclusively for the Instagram feed. Hope you like these hashtag tactics, also you can check my other articles related to Instagram.


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