How to Start Digital Marketing Business? 10 Exclusive Steps for Beginners

Start Digital Marketing Business
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We all are familiar with the growth of digitalization. As the demand for digital marketing is gearing up,  it has become a crucial need to understand the growth strategies and work accordingly.

Without any doubt, it is a great choice to start an online career. Digital Marketing is everything that works in the online market. You need to understand what your customers want. Once you figure out the necessity, you can chase them towards your services.

So if you are planning to start a digital marketing business, you are at the right place.

Before moving to the steps to start your digital marketing business/ Career, let us figure out why you should choose it.

Why choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Well, it would be an understatement if I say Digital Marketing is a great choice. We are breathing digital air. Sounds funny, right? But yes, traditional marketing channels are also shifting to the digital world. Companies work through advertisements and marketing budgets to promote them on the Internet.

Then, why not make hay while the sun shines, right?

To start a digital marketing business, focus on improving your online visibility. Your audience should know you. Survey your competitors to know what strategies they are using to make a profitable profile.

Work from anywhere anytime and anyplace makes digital marketing ideal for every business.

What is Digital Marketing? How is it Done?

Digital Marketing refers to any online marketing. It includes strategies and assets to increase online sales. Online marketing enhances the chance of recognition. It helps the people to know your product and services and convince them to buy.

These are few different mediums to proceed with digital marketing:

Social media Marketing

Social media which works as an entertaining and refreshing platform also turn the marketing game. This is the newest medium whose growth has built many business empires.

You are definitely familiar with Facebook and Instagram, right? This is the most preferred platform for growing business. You can do it in two ways, through organically and through paid advertising.

Organic marketing means posting your products and services in your feed. This is a simple and easy way to gain organic traffic. This will help your business to introduce new products and offers to new faces.

You can also check out Neil Patel’s list of 20 ways to boost your organic reach.

Social Media Marketing

Paid advertising compels you to pay for your content and promote them widely. This helps your content to represent you to a large audience other than your followers. Facebook business plays a significant role in implementing such advertisements on Social sites that co-relates with Facebook. This helps to display suitable ads to those who visit the sites.

We suggest you go for paid advertising. It is an indirect way to feed your business for its growth. You can get access to choose your targets audience based on their interest, behavior, and demographics. This will help you to create an ideal customer place. Here, you will be sharing what your customers are looking for.

Like any marketing strategy, paid advertising on social media varies from business to business.

If you want to learn detail about Instagram and Facebook Marketing and promoting business, refer to Facebook blueprints courses for free.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is highly recommended in online business growth. Voice of your mail can crawl your customer from mailbox to product on sale.

To create a mail channel, you need to take permission through implied or expressed ways. That means you should have a list of contact that shows interest in your business and has permitted you to follow up with them.

Anybody who gets in touch with you through an online medium, gives you implied permission to follow up through email.

For example, if you make an online purchase or enter any contract or informative forms, you give implied permission to that company to follow up with you. This shows trust in both parties through engagement in transactions.

Start Digital Marketing

Now, what has expressed permission?

So, expressed permission is when a customer willingly permits you to send an e-mail on your request. With the help of contact forms or subscribe buttons, you can easily get your client’s attention.

If the customer shows interest in your content, they will genuinely subscribe to your blog or channel.

You can provide relevant information about your brand and offers. Allow them an unsubscribe button to your contact list.

You can start E-mail marketing through Mailchimp. You just have to understand the technique to create engaging content and you are good to go.

Digital Marketing mainly works through social media and e-mail marketing. Do refer to an extensive guide of digital marketing on best practices for building an email marketing campaign. It will work as a great help to frame your words that attract your targeted audience.

Creating Website/ Blogging

As mentioned above, digital marketing itself means online marketing. It is completely based on the quality of content. Whichever medium you chose to reach your targeted audience; you are going to need engaging content.

Creating websites or blogging also plays a wide role to engage people through your words. With the help of SEO knowledge and marketing skills, you can easily track down your customers to a site. To make them curious about your services, you need to create an engaging offer.

Website Marketing

The process of such marketing is to identify, create and promote content to the right place.

There are many e-commerce websites like Myntra for fashion, Bigbasket for groceries, Udmey for education, and so on. Such websites solely offer what exactly we want. This means to target your audience and give them what they ask for.

The same goes for blogging too. You simply need to get sound skills of writing, SEO copywriter, and analytical skills.

Now, what exactly this search engine means, and how this Market works?

Search Engine Marketing

You must be familiar with the word SEO. This type of marketing is a major component in the digital world.

Search engine marketing works on search engines using SEO or paid search advertisements.

Now let us dive into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is like an energy booster to the authenticity of your site. Such a process optimize your website so that it ranks easily on the google search engine result page.

It plays an essential role in digital marketing. It helps to drive highly targeted traffic to your site. The process of results is might be slow, but again it’s a say “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Search Engine Marketing

It is far much better than Paid Ads.

To understand this more clearly, refer to How do you do SEO Step-By-Step? An Easy Start for Starters. You will get a clear picture of how to start and how exactly it works.

You can also use 17 Exclusively Free Tools for optimizing SEO on your site.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is also a part of digital marketing. It works as a multi-channel. It creates the medium to spread digitalization.

To reach the targeted audience, you use smartphones or computers, tablets, and/or any other phone devices, or through websites, email, social media, and so on. Hence, mobile marketing also plays a major role in order to grow the digital marketing business.

Start Digital Marketing Business

In the past few years, customers have drifted their attention to mobiles and so does the marketers. To create more engagement, traditional traders have started their market on online platforms.

This was nicely expressed by Mike Renolds, which is also a senior Mobile Executive, “For me, the future of mobile marketing lies in connecting the dots between online and offline media. Mobile is such a powerful tool when used in conjunction with other, more traditional, media and should be seen as the glue that binds everything together.”

Am I Eligible for doing Digital Marketing?

This question is common for all. The truth is, digital marketing is not for all as it is not so easy as it seems to be.

Though you can learn along the way, it requires a lot of patience and effective hours to learn and understand the strategies.

Here, the best part is, you don’t need any degree or college certificates to start your digital business. You can start using online resources to please your clients and the world will accept you as a digital expert.

This is the sole reason that is enough to start any business. You are going to face difficulty in every aspect of earning. But ultimately, you are going to rise and set up your place to serve your customer.

What is an Expected Salary in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an unlimited pack of opportunities. It is the salary that decides business success.

As per the survey taken by Credo, the average rate for digital marketing consultants is $140 per hour. This is a rate of a worldwide survey. Moreover, 41.25% of consultants around the world are charging less than $100 per hour.

The fact is, you aren’t going to charge such a rate from day one. While considering various marketing factors and passing the span of experience, you are going to understand the industrial clients and your competitors.

Figure out all the affecting aspects of digital marketing, your salary will grow accordingly.

The most captivating word in this industry is a demand which is no sooner going to fade. The growth in this industry gives a surety to every startup.

10 Steps to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Business: –

Follow the 10 steps today to Start a successful digital marketing Business:

Step :1 Understand the basics of Digital Marketing

If you are starting, the first step is to acknowledge the depth of term digital marketing. Several components create a channel in digitalization.

List of Online Marketing Channels:

  1. Website Marketing
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Pay-per-click advertisement
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Video Marketing

List of Offline Marketing but important for digital marketing:

  1. SMS marketing
  2. TV Marketing
  3. Radio Marketing
  4. Billboard Marketing

       Step:2 Setup Website or Blog

It is important for digital marketing to have your own place on online platforms.

  • Creating your website and/or blogs shows the value of your company.
  • Present your offers and services through your profile.
  • Let the audience know who you are and what you work for.

Websites give a privilege to a company only if the audience accepts the same. So, offer unique and eye-catchy contents to attract customers.

Step:3 Implement SEO Strategies

Learn and understand the SEO strategies and start implementing them on your website. SEO is the most important content to grow your site. So never neglect the terms and conditions of search engines.

Once you are done with the implementations of SEO, then move towards the Google Ads certificate as it provides you the basic earning from your website.

Step:4 Work for Certified Google Ads

As a digital marketing consultant, you need to use Google Ads to promote products and services on Google or various Internet websites.

You can easily get Google Ads courses through various resources like Google Ads courses or Google Ads guides.

The quick way to gain the necessary skills is to have Google Ads certification. Even if you are starting, your certificate speaks your skills and knowledge which is enough to build trust in clients and potential employees.

Step:5 Start Facebook Ads Advertising

After getting Google Ads certification, now it’s time to work on social media networks, particularly, on Facebook advertising.

As a digital marketing specialist, you need to figure out how the social media network works. Other than Facebook, social networks like Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Instagram work in business promotions. But the majority of your focus and budget campaign might spend on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has now become the major business promoting hub. It is the best tool for any digital marketing campaign.

Because of the increasing demand, getting organic exposure on Facebook is not everyone’s cup of tea. So the only way to use Facebook as a marketing tool, you need to learn its marketing strategies.

If you already gain enough knowledge of SEO and Google Ads, learning Facebook marketing won’t take you long.

You can also use any best Facebook Ads courses to understand it better.

Step:6 Focus on Google analytics

Google Analytics is a form of web analytics. It provides stats and analytical tools for SEO and the purpose of digital marketing. From this, you can easily track your website performance and get traffic insights.

It is one of the important characteristics of digital marketing to measure the working of digital campaigns.

To satisfy your curiosity about how well your campaign is working, google analytics shows every metrics that cover overall aspects of your marketing campaign

Step:7 Start Hiring/  hired by digital marketing as Freelancers

If you already way to set up your own digital marketing business or agencies, this is the point you start hiring few employees.

You can also go for a job or full-time freelancer to gain experience and acknowledgment as a professional digital marketing expert.

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If you want to work parallel, you can also go for a freelancer job and also start stepping into your business.

Working for your own website and dealing with clients are two different things. Dealing clients requirement compel you to work with a procedure and improve your analytics and reporting skills. This will improve your budgeting and communication skills.

Step:8 Stay updated and keep learning

To be steady in the digital marketing industry, you have to stay updated all the way. It is the fastest-growing network which at times also changes rapidly.

Google keeps on updating the number of searches (organic and paid) per year. This also affects Facebook algorithm constantly which makes the graph of digital marketing dynamic.

SO if you are planning to work as a digital marketer, you have to learn and study your field as your daily activities.

Start learning about new tools, case studies, and all about marketing channels through Google blogs, search engine journals, or content marketing institutes. You can also get daily updates through marketing magazines.

Step:9 Start implementing Digital Marketing Tools

To make digital marketing smooth and steady for you, it is important to learn about digital marketing tools. To recognize you as a digital marketing specialist, you need to know the tricks of smart work rather than hard work.

The only way to analyze the work and working on several projects at a time is through marketing tools.

Here, the tools will allow you the following facilities.

  • Create dashboards for all channels
  • Analytical reports
  • Reports of management or clients.
  • Progress report of multiple projects

Several good tools might or might not be free. The amount you pay is a part of your investment to start a digital marketing business or career. This is another great way to enhance your professional profile.

Tools like SemRush and Google Data Studio are the most recommendable tool in the digital marketing industry.

Google Data Studio is surprisingly free. You can easily create custom dashboards and get nice reports.

Step:10 Start boosting Social Networks

No matter you are working as a freelance digital marketer or a digital marketing business figure, a profile in social networks should speak your work. Develop a professional account that shows your offers and services.

Your constant presence on social networks provides you recognition. This will make it easy for you to increase the chance of reliability. LinkedIn is also the best place to promote yourself in a professional world.

To create professionalism, get personal activities involved. This will create a long-lasting engagement with your customers.

This is the right time to start your Digital Marketing business. Start working and go with the flow.


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