How to grow an Instagram account from zero followers

Whenever we start an Instagram account, there’s always a question like how to grow an Instagram account from zero followers? It’s a hard task to think what we should do & what we shouldn’t, starting an Instagram account from scratch is nothing less than a challenge.

What would you do to grow an Instagram account that was starting from scratch, so literally zero followers? Now, if you are someone that has either asked yourself this question, me this question or someone else this question, well you’re in luck because I’m going to be covering that today.

So if you want to learn how to grow an Instagram account from zero followers, then keep reading this article.


grow an Instagram account from zero followers

Now, the first thing that I you should do when you want to grow your Instagram account from zero followers would do before even starting this account is really brainstorming what exactly is my niche or what is the direction that I really want to take this account? if you are trying to start an account with a goal of potentially creating income later on, then you definitely want to actually narrow down what your niche will be.

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Niche is important, this is because when you are first starting out, you really need to give someone reason on why they want to follow you. Even think about your own following habits. Unless its someone that you actually know and is a friend of yours, your generally following accounts for a specific reason.

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Maybe they are humor accounts and they have a lot of memes that make you laugh. Maybe they post a

lot of beautiful selfies and you want to get input from them. Maybe its a fashion account and that’s why you follow them, or maybe there a travel account that really opens your eyes to what is out there in the world.

As you can see, it truly does pay to have a niche, especially when you are starting out. Now obviously when you look at the other influencers out there, they kind of post whatever they want, but I promise you when they first started out, they were probably quite niched down.

Now as you grow and as you develop an audience who truly loves you and your personality, you’re eventually going to have more flexibility to really post whatever you want. However, if you want to be strategic and smart about it, it is quite advised to have niche right from the get go. To grow an Instagram account from zero follower’s niche is always top on the list

2.Optimizing biogrow an Instagram account from zero followers

The next thing that you should probably do is actually optimize your bio. Within your Instagram bio, these are the three main things that you should do.

The first is make sure that your name has a keyword that would make you searchable. So instead of just putting your name, you should put business coach or some sort of keyword that you feel people would be typing into Instagram that would lead them to your page.

So if you are a hairstylist, then put hairstylist, if you are a fitness coach, put fitness coach. By having these keywords in your name, it’s going to increase the chances of someone finding you, especially if they’re typing those keywords in the search bar on Instagram.

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The second thing that you should do within your Instagram bio is actually having a sort of sentence that kind of really tells them what exactly you can help them with, the value that I give, or anything that will really mention what people can expect from your account.

As you know, your Instagram bio is really the first thing that people might be looking at when they search for your account. So if you aren’t clear of terms of the value that your going to provide or what people can expect, then they have a higher chances of not really understanding the direction that you want to head with your account and that will increase the chances of them not following you.

Then lastly, the third thing that you should do within your Instagram bio is add an external link. By adding an external link generally people will click on it and maybe get to know you a little bit better. In my case, I have a link to my YouTube channel so that people can really understand who I am.

As you know, because were starting from scratch, you can only really share so much in a short amount of time on Instagram, so that’s why by having that external link, maybe it links to your about me page or something that will really show someone who exactly you are. It would really help them to really get to know you better and potentially follow your account.

3.Eye catching Profile picturegrow an Instagram account from zero followers

If you want to grow an Instagram account from zero followers Then choose a profile photo that pops. Now we all know that Instagram is quite a competitive platform. There are millions and millions and millions of people on that platform fighting for attention all the time.

Now, you should specifically choose a profile photo that would show your face, but not only this you should have a bright background. Choose a picture with a bright background is something that is a little bit more eye catching, meaning that when you’re commenting on someone’s work I’m putting up a story, it might increase the chances of someone actually clicking on your account because your profile photo is so eye-catching.

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Another cool thing to consider when your choosing a profile picture that will really catch the attention of other people is considering to actually add a bright border around it. I find that in my own personal scrolling habits I always tend to click on profiles that have a lot more of an eye catching picture.

so you know a pictures that actually have your face in it or a lot more captivating than those that don’t. So really keep this in mind when your thinking about your profile photo on Instagram.

4.Preplan minimum 12 pictures for posting

grow an Instagram account from zero followers

The fourth thing that you should do if I you want to grow an Instagram account from

 zero followers is before you post anything, you should actually preplan the first 12 photos on the feed.

This means that you can use apps like Later, Plan only, Unum or Preview to actually aesthetically plan the first 12 photos for your feed. And the reason why I’m suggesting this is because it really does take 12 photos to have a full feed.

When you are starting out and your starting to count from scratch, you really want to give people a reason to follow you by having this feed already there when they reach your account. How many of you actually follow accounts that only have one photo? Probably not many of you.

That’s why its really Important to at least really plan out the first 12 photos. And not only this, also front load the posting of those first 12 photos, meaning that you actually post at least once a day to kind of accelerate that feed to be fuller.

Now once those first 12 photos are on your feed and you look like you have a full feed at that point, then I would resume doing the regular posting schedule that you want. Be it once a week, twice a week, three times a week, there’s no need to post once a day if that doesn’t match your lifestyle or it doesn’t suit your preferences.

I do recommend that if you want to grow an Instagram account from zero followers, you have to really make an effort to at least be intentional with the first 12 photos because that’s kind of what really will set the tone for your feet when someone goes on it.


The fifth thing that you should do to grow an Instagram account from zero followers is find at least five different hashtag groups within your niche. Now, the reason why I’m recommending this tip is for multiple reasons.

The first reason is for convenience. I don’t want to be scrambling last minute, finding hashtags and not being intentional. I would rather preplan this in advance and have five hashtag groups that I constantly rotate between.

Not only this in terms of Instagram boosting algorithm purposes or whatever you want to call it, I also want to do some major hashtag research to ensure that my hashtags are within my niche and I’m reaching the right audiences.

6.Follow peoples within your niche

Now the sixth thing that you should do to really jumpstart an account is you have to actually make an effort to follow people within your niche.

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The reason why I’m saying this is because you are trying to train Instagram to understand your preferences. If you associate yourself with other people that are within your niche, then Instagram will show you more things within your niche, on your explore page, on your recommendation, which will increase the chances of me finding you your ideal audience.

Not only this over time as you have to use niche hashtags because you have post targeted content, Instagram will also increase the chances of you showing up in recommendations. So do try to engaged with your competitors profiles and follow them.

this will increase your chances to might show up in suggestions because you are now associated yourself with that category or with that niche. Now obviously this isn’t guaranteed because its really dependent on your audiences preferences when they’re scrolling on Instagram, but it will increase your chances the more you associate yourself with a certain category so that Instagram can really categorize you properly within the algorithm.

7.Follow niche hashtags

The seventh step that you should take now is to follow niche hashtags. At this point in the game, you would have already done your hashtag research and now you are more knowledgeable in terms of which hashtags are within your niche.

Now, why not just take that extra step and use Instagram’s function to actually follow those hashtags? This will make community engagement a lot easier. The reason why this will make community engagement a lot easier is because by following these hashtags, posts will naturally go onto your homepage and your home feed so you don’t have to waste time actually looking for new people to engage with.

It will naturally show up on your feed and if you like the content, you’ll like it, you’ll comment on it, you’ll engage with that person and that will increase the chances of them potentially following you. At the end of the day, if you really want to grow an Instagram account from zero followers, you got to put that sweat equity in and you really got to put in the work and engage with your community within your niche.

Now obviously you can do follow and follow. You can buy bot followers and you can automate everything, but personally, if you want to grow your account organically and you really want to grow something that is real, this is the way to do it.

8.Instagram story

All right, so if your still here and you are still following these steps, the eighth thing that you should do is leverage Instagram story and not only just showing up on story.

I would actually also leverage hashtags and locations. Now personally in my own account, I don’t do this just because I already have an established account, but definitely if I was starting from scratch really trying to grow an Instagram account from zero followers.

I will pop on Instagram story a little bit more and also incorporate hashtags and locations and the reason for this is that this is really going to expand your reach to new audiences. Not only this, when you show up on Instagram stories a lot more, you become a lot more visible to other people.

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Instagram stories is the only thing within Instagram that is still in a chronological order, so your not fighting against any algorithm. That’s going to increase the chances of someone actually recognizing you because they’re constantly watching your stories, which will help them feel a sort of reliability with you and therefore will increase the chances of them actually liking your content or following you a bit more because you are a lot more familiar to them.

Not only this, the reason why being on Instagram story is so powerful and a really good technique for the Instagram algorithm is because they will increase the chances of people actually DMing you and you really want to have those one on one conversations through the DM because based on Instagram’s algorithm, the way that posts show up on your feet is truly based on your preferences.

So if you are DMing people privately through the DM, that’s signaling to Instagram that that person enjoys interacting with your account and therefore when you post something on Instagram, its going to increase the chances of you actually showing up on their feed because Instagram now knows that you are a content creator or you are an account that they already like to interact with.

9.Get off Instagram

All right, so now the ninth and last step that you should take in order to grow an Instagram account from zero followers is actually to get off Instagram. 

What I mean by this is that my personal philosophy on how to grow accounts on social media is that it takes a platform to grow a platform. That’s why if my intention is to really grow this, what I would do is to make sure all my other social media platforms are optimized and that I’m mentioning that I do have an Instagram account.

For starters on Facebook, I would make sure that my cover banner has my Instagram account, my links will have my Instagram account, my bio section will have my Instagram account. If I had a YouTube channel, I would make sure that all my links are optimized and includes my Instagram account. If I wanted to, even in my email signature, I would include my Instagram account as well.

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There is no such thing as shameless plugging. This is something that if you want to grow, you need to make sure that your increasing the visibility of it and increasing the chances of external traffic to go to your account on Instagram. Not only this, if my other social media platforms are optimized and are giving visibility to my new Instagram account, what I’d also do is really increase my activity on other platforms.

So for instance, I would be way more active in other peoples Facebook groups. I would be really active on YouTube comments, anything that will really get my name out there to increase the chances of someone visiting my profile and then finding my Instagram account and then going to my Instagram account and then following me.

This is the last step that I would do if I was growing an Instagram account from zero followers. Now if this article help you to grow an Instagram account from zero followers let me know by commenting below.

 thank you so, so much for reading. I hope you guys have a great day, a great week, and a great life.

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