Hey guys, its Malik Vasid here and today we’ll see how to grow Instagram followers without any application.

Having plenty of followers on social media is a very important. What’s the point of posting things that nobody can see? You obviously won’t become famous on Instagram platform all of a sudden but what if I say yes you can suddenly grow your Instagram followers in just a minute, today you’ll learn how to get instantly Instagram followers, likes and many more things by following some easy steps.

how to grow your Instagram followers without any application??

If you want to learn how to grow your Instagram followers without any application for free and fast then keep reading this article. You’ll know how to gain lots of Instagram followers in a very short space of time.

Follow some method with few easy steps to grow your Instagram followers and likes, in this article you’ll see rapid Instagram growth and get thousands of free Instagram followers.

Knowing how to get Instagram followers is key to growing your account so today I’ll teach you how to do it quickly and how to grow your Instagram followers without any application.

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It’s a very easy and quick process. You don’t need to download any app from somewhere just do click in 1 website and you’ll get your followers easily without wasting your time, I’ll give you link below and explain you how to use this website to grow your Instagram followers without any application.

Master Followers Apk Downloads 

This website will help you to grow on Instagram, not only followers and likes you can also get free comments, video views, story views and live views. This website will never ask for your password or any other private data, 100% safe. Are you guys interested to know how to gain more and more followers for Instagram? Then read this article till the last.



  • Getting Instagram followers without any application for free is unbelievably simple with this website. There are loads of reasons you may want to grow your popularity on Instagram platform without worrying your account security.
  • You don’t have to install any third party application, just by using chrome or any other browser you’ll grow your Instagram followers. By the way, apart from followers you can also increase likes, comments, story views, video views and many more things.
  • If you use other application or any other website to grow your Instagram followers, they don’t have custom URL option and this will be disadvantage for your Instagram account because you have to enter your Instagram password to receive followers. But if you enter your Instagram password there will be 80% that maybe your account will be block, and also you’ll see your Instagram following start increasing automatically even when you won’t follow someone. So I suggest you guys to not enter your Instagram password in any website or application.
  • In this website you don’t need to enter your Instagram password so that your real account remain safe. You don’t need to fill in any surveys or sign up your phone number to any weird services. Claim your free followers without any hassle. You just need an unusable account, after that you can easily send followers, likes comments any much more thing without sharing your Instagram password.
  • This website offer you top quality free followers for Instagram. Grow Instagram followers without any application instantly, this service is 100% safe just login your unusable account follow some simple steps I’ve written down below and you’re done Just in 30-40 seconds, Start growing you Instagram followers without wasting your time.


  1. First go to the website, CLICK HERE and you’ll see this interface. Everything was written here in different language but I translated it into English. Now click on login button and enter your unusable account. Don’t login your main Instagram account otherwise you’ll start increasing following.   GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS
  2. You have to choose your account while entering details of your account, as you can see I enter my unusable account name & password now click again on login button.GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS
  3. After login you’ll see there are lots of option likes, followers, views and many more option you can easily increase whatever you want for your Instagram account, I’ll show how you can send followers in your real account without enter password, click on that follower option.GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS
  4. They will tell you to enter you main Instagram username you don’t need to enter password here just enter your username and click on find user. They will find your account and will show your profile picture to be sure that this is your account now add the amount of followers you want and click on start submission.GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS


Not only followers you can also increase likes, followers and views with the URL option just find the post on which you want to increase likes and comments just click on the three dots and copy link of your post. Come to the website select whatever you want for your post and enter you post link and you’ll received whatever you ordered in just 30-40 seconds.


You need to make sure that your account is not set up as private, in order to gain followers you need to get it public. Once it’s done all you got to do is click on the link I provided and start getting followers.

Although this website is safe because you don’t need to share you Instagram password here so feel free and worry about your account privacy.

This website will provide followers instantly without saying error and you’ll not waste your time by try again and again. Other websites have lots of error issue which is really headache to everyone but with the help of this website say goodbye to headache and grow your Instagram followers without any hassle.

If you want to increase followers o Instagram through the Application , then this application best for you. APK

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Hope you liked my today’s article and if you want see more topic on how to gain followers then there are more articles you’ll find out in my page. Grow your Instagram followers without any application in just 1 minute, it’s so easy and definitely you’ll not face any issue while using this website, somehow if you face any problem then don’t worry I’m here for you to help you, you can easily contact with me on my Instagram or you can also share your problem with me by commenting below and I’ll try to help you sure.



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