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Hey guys it’s Malik Vasid here and today I’ll show you how to get 500 followers on Instagram every hour. I’ll tell you about one best application that you should definitely try, this application will help you to get your 500 followers on Instagram for free. If you want to know how to increase Instagram followers then keep reading this article till the last.

Why followers on Instagram are important?

As we all know Instagram has become the most popular social media platform right now, whether you are a content creator or a startup owner, Instagram will help you to reach your target audience and gain the required social media exposure.

Instagram is a place where you can captivate users and accelerate the overall social media engagement. This is the reason Instagram followers are important, followers will help you to get more exposure for your business or anything.

To get noticed in million users you first need to grow your Instagram account by having thousands of followers, yes followers are very important to grow that stuff which is related to your business, but getting followers is not that easy, increasing Instagram followers is still a challenge for many users.

This is when 500 Insta application will be helpful for you, when you’ll use this application to increase 500 followers on Instagram every hour it will help you to boost your social media presence immensely. This application is ready to give you thousands of followers on Instagram for absolutely free.

What is 500 Insta application??

500 Insta is an application which will provide you free Followers on Instagram without paying, yes the Followers you’ll get will be 100% free.

This application will help you to get 500 followers on Instagram every hour, not only Followers you can increase your likes and comments as well, this process will be 100% safe and secure.

The higher will be the post engagement which will eventually boost the overall social media credibility, you will start engaging with peoples around the world this application is the best app to get you 500 followers on Instagram for free.

On Instagram platform where competition is fast and users are competing with each other, you can increase 500 followers on Instagram every hour with the help of this application.

500 Insta application was created for those who want to be more famous among of all the users, this application will allow you to find your own Instagram followers automatically, as your profile will receive interaction you can be one step ahead of other users by installing 500 Insta application.

It is not enough to have only Followers on Instagram unfortunately another factor that should be for our users is the Instagram likes because according to the Instagram algorithm, engagement including likes are most important to know the quality of an Instagram account.

If you use other applications or any other websites to get 500 followers on Instagram every hour, they don’t have custom URL option and this will be disadvantage for your Instagram account because you have to enter you Instagram password to receive followers.

If you enter your Instagram password there are 80% chances that your account will be block or can be hacked, and also you’ll see your Instagram following start increasing even if you don’t follow anyone.

Free Instagram Followers website click here

So i suggest you guys not to put your account password when you use any application, because there are some chances that your account can be misused, in this application you don’t have to share your password.

So if you want to get free likes & followers on Instagram, you should choose wisely the application instead of buying likes & Followers from bots or fake accounts.

Benefits of 500 Insta application

  • Other applications or websites use bots to make followers or likes which is against Instagram terms, but this application will give you free and real Followers.
  • You don’t have to share your private information like password or any other thing, just add your username and start getting 500 followers on Instagram every hour.
  • This application is totally free you don’t have to pay for the followers and likes, which is really amazing there are so many other applications are available but this one in good among all of those apps.
  • If you use any third party application this will put your account on risk, but in this app you only have to login your unusable account there is no need to share your main Instagram password here.
  • Your main account following will remain the same, you’ll start increasing followers without increasing any following isn’t it cool? Well I personally love this feature.
  • Not only followers you can also increase likes and comments with this application, after the new Instagram algorithm update your account quality depends on your post engagement, likes & comments.
  • This application is 100% safe & secure, even I have tried it by myself and the result I got was outstanding. Just give a once try to this app, surely you will love it.
  • It’s not an coin based application like others, you don’t have to follow other people to increase coins you just have to put your unusable account here and system will automatically start growing your credit.
  • With the like sending tool, you can instantly send the number of likes you choose to the post you want, all likes posted will be from real user.
  • With the comment posting tool, you can instantly send the number of comments to the post you want, in the number and content you choose, all comments posted will be from real users.
  • Some applications gives you Followers but just few amount, the 500 Insta application will give you 500 followers on Instagram every hour.


I’ve explained every process down below you can see how you can get 500 followers on Instagram without login.

How to use this application to get 500 followers on Instagram every hour???

  1. Download the application CLICK HERE, once you download this application install & open it then you will see this interface now click on login.

irrisgreek download app

  1. now enter you unusable account username and password here and click on that blue bar. Please don’t login your main account here.Get 500 followers on Instagram every hour
  2. After login, you’ll directly come to the dashboard from where you can get followers, like & comments whatever you want. I’m getting Followers now so click on that 150+ logo then you have to enter your main Instagram username here and click on that green bar.Get 500 followers on Instagram every hour
  3. They will show you profile photo to make sure that this is your account, now add the amount of followers you want and click on start.
  4. They will complete your orders just in few minutes, as you can see I’ve received all my followers in just few simple steps.


To receive followers from this application your account must be set as public, if your account is private this application will not complete your order.

Sometimes it say error because of server issue, but don’t worry you can try again In few hours and will definitely start working after some time.

If you login in with accounts without pictures, you will be given low Followers and like credits, sign in with a picture accounts to earn more credits.

Overall the application is good without any bugs & error, I’ve not faced any issues yet, and you face any problem while using this application you can contact with me, I’ll try to solve your problem.

Hope you’ve liked my today’s article comment below if you want to see more tricks & article related to Instagram, also you can check my other articles from which you can increase more follower for free.



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