E Commerce business | Advantages of E-Commerce

This article is followed by previous article In this new article you will find all the Merits of Advantages of E-Commerce that will advantageous to the organization, customers and as well as society. Here you will find deep explanation about all threes. In this way organization get the idea about expanding their business, customers are aware of their benefits and society will also get its growth. Advantages of E-Commerce
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Advantages of E-Commerce

*Merits/ Advantages of E-Commerce-

  1.  Companies or Organisation

  2.  Costumer or users or consumers.

  3.  Business community or Society

1. The Benefits to Companies or Organisation:

  •  Savings in management expenses: In E-commerce the business is run by direct communication and hen Th expense for getting the help of the brokers or intermediaries is saved. Thus there is a saving in managerial expense which can be passed on to consumers. Advantages of E-Commerce

  •  No necessity for shops or showrooms: In E-commerce a business concern is not required to establish shops or showrooms at different cities and hence it can manage Th whole business with a limited investment also.

  •  Less investment: In E-commerce it is not necessary to keep a big and attractive influencing show room and also there is no necessity of keeping a huge stock,hence with a limited or less investment Th business can be done with ease.


  • No necessity for holding the huge stock: Usually in the traditional business a merchant is required to keep a huge stock of his ready product for the sale, so that he can immediately dispatch the product as per the order, But in E-commerce, it OS not necessary to keep the whole stock at one place. He can entrust this responsibility to different agencies at different places e.g.the American company “amazon” Has arranged for a comfortable facility for purchasing the books at different places, situated at placed, convenient to the consumers for purchasing the books. It only announces the details and information on it’s own website; and requests the consumers to purchase the books from their convenient place, approved by amazon. So in this way “amazon” does not require to keep huge stock at one place and also it facilitate the consumers for purchasing from nearby shop. Advantages of E-Commerce

  • Facility of global market: E-commerce is managed through an internet; and the internet is spread over the whole world. In this way a facility of world-wide market is available in E-commerce. Further the business transactions can be carried over with the customers anywhere in the whole world. Such a huge world-wide market is known as a “Global market”.Hence  there is a chance of getting the order for the product from any corner of the world. The global market has promoted the facility of getting customer from anywhere over the world and this has promoted and enhanced the possibility for the international trade.

  •  Enhancement in sale: On placing a website of the product on the internet, a company can get the customers any corner of the world and he can attract the customer from the whole world. He can then achieve an increase of his sale and can earn a good amount of revenue.

  •  Providing good services: By using the website, more information can be given to customers and better service can be offered before, during and after sale.

  •  Development of business: The new business of any kind can be developed Or can be introduced in the global market very easily.

 2. The benefits to consumers:

  •  Multiple choice: On looking at the websites of many companies, a customer can select his item of interest, keeping in view the multiple factors for selection. He can compare the items by considering it’s price, quality and get up.

  • Economy in purchase: On looking at the websites of many dealers, a consumers can compare the prove of items of his choice and can select one which is affordable to him.Advantages of E-Commerce

  • Saving of time: A consumer is not required to visit shops or stores situated at different places. He can do this only by looking at the different websites on an internet. In this way a consumer can save his time in searching particular item.

  • Foreign item: By looking at the internet websites, a consumer can book an order for an item available from the dealers in foreign countries. At present almost all big cities have an availability of stores (big malls) selling the item of the foreign countries and the customer can purchase such foreign items simply an internet communication.

  • Best services: A consumer can become well-versed with the services before, during and after purchase given by different dealers and he can select the best dealer who can provide the best services.

  • 24 hours services: By using the internet the companies or merchants can be contacted at anytime on all the days. This type of services are known as 24*7 selling or purchasing services.

  • Exchange with other consumers: There is also a facility of exchanging ideas and experiences with other consumers, provided by some companies. From this chating the views of the other consumers can be gained and be made useful in purchasing the product or ideas.

3. The benefits to community:

  •      (a) Opportunities for employment: Increasing demand of E-commerce has created the opportunities of employment in the new fields such as computer industries, cuber-cafe, internet service provider, intermediary services etc. The problem of unemployment of the community has been reduce to some extent.

  •       (b) Increase in government revenue: In E-commerce a large number of business transactions for selling are performed and hence, the growth of government revenue also increases. More revenue can be collected from taxes of different types, such as sales-tax, vat, income-tax, license fees, excise duty etc.

  •       (c) Increase in spread of education: Due to use of internet, more technical staff is required. Hence, for fulfilling the demand of this technical staff the field of technical education is to be widened for training of such personnel. The knowledge of computer science has become essential not only for business but also for the customers, so new opportunities have evolved for the employment in the field of computer science education.

  •       (d) Industrial and scientific progress: As the spread of E-commerce has been extended globally, the different type of problem such as packing, distributing, pricing etc. Have been evolved. For this purpose new techniques or research are to be made in the field of business administration and business management. Further technological researches are to be carried over for the field of internet technology.

  •        (e) Up gradation of the product: Due to E-commerce we get easily the product from other countries very easily, and if the quality of the foreign products is superior to the Indian products, then we are inspired to upgrade the quality of our goods.

    Advantages of E-Commerce

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