7 ways to go viral on Instagram reels

Instagram reels are incredibly powerful, here I’ll show you 7 ways to go viral on Instagram reels. Learn how to get featured on the explore page and grow more followers organically.

Have you used reels yet? In this article, you’ll see 7 ways to go viral on Instagram reels video on the explore page. If you’ve been trying to use Instagram reels to grow organic followers, I highly recommend you follow the steps I’ve shown below.

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The 7 steps show you exactly how you can get featured on Instagram reels. How simply can get your videos featured on the explore page, and go viral, gaining you thousands of views.

1. Find the viral trends

 Find the viral trends each niche will have certain viral trends, so research each niche and figure out what is getting the most views & which is going viral on Instagram reels. For example in the bike niche insane tricks are clearly the most trending videos to go viral on Instagram reels.

The luxury niche you’ve got typical beautiful landscape, luxurious lifestyle, pool type and then for the example in the influencer Niche of just you know personal brands on Instagram doing their thing.


The videos that perform there are either super cringy videos like on TikTok or you’ll see videos That you just can’t stop watching them because some of them are so satisfying. So all I want to tell is find the viral trends in your niche, make videos & start posting them, when you go with trends it will increase your chances to get featured and will help you to go viral on Instagram reels. 

2. Find the trending music

Yeah top trending music similar to TikTok, if you use music that is trending your video is more likely to get featured on the explore page, as well as go viral.

So to steal a song simply just go to a video on Instagram reels with a ton of views, click on the bottom where you will see the song that scrolling along the screen you click at it then BOOM, there you go.

Now you can create a reel with the same some song. So this one is really easy steps all you have to is just find a perfect trending song  and shoot your video with that song. Trending music really play a huge role on Instagram which will help you to go viral on Instagram reels.

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3. Post content with emotions

 Post content that make audience feel certain emotions, now which emotions do you want to aim?

Which emotions are the most powerful ones that are going to make the viewer continue watching.

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Number one Excitement, you know such as the travel content or those incredible bike tricks which will create a excitement for the viewer. Post the content fill with so much excitement that will make the audience to watch the whole video.

So that was the example of a content with emotion, just like this you can video with other emotions content like Joy, sadness, happiness, anticipation, satisfaction and many more.

Emotions content videos are the best way to attract the audience. Now these emotions based on myself are the ones that made me continue to watch the video. Choose the right emotion according to your niche and this will definitely help you to go viral on Instagram reels.

4. Post a preview to your feed

Now this is a must, the video need initial engagement. The way the Instagram algorithm works, the way the Instagram algorithm decides to rank a video or not is if it has engagement.

If you don’t post reel to your feed there is no way people are going to see it, unless they go to your profile and then go to your reel category and then find the video there, otherwise they’re not going to find it.

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All I want to say is must post your reel to your feed. So audience will not have to going through a long process to find your Instagram reel video.

5. High ITE score ( impression to engagement ) 

Get a high ITE score, when Instagram algorithm ranks content they look at the ITE score of that content whether it’s a video, story, post, carousel whatever it is.

They look at the ITE score, now what is an ITE score the word ITE is a term I coined myself and it stands for impression to engagement. And this is the fundament of the Instagram algorithm, this is what it’s built upon.

Now what does this mean, well if you have a million people being exposed to your post that’s a million impression, then out of those million impressions how many actually engage, how many view the video and how many like the video.

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The higher amount of people that convert from an impression to engagement, the higher ITE score, the higher that percentage is. so you want to get a high ITE score because this tells the Instagram algorithm that this is a good video because a higher percentage than average of the people that are exposed to it consume the piece of content.

So your goal is again is to get a high ITE score, now how do you do it, well this comes back to number four and understanding where your initial engagement comes from, you have to understand your audience and what they’re trained to respond. See one of your previous content which have the most engagement and have performed the best in the shortest amount of time.

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This is the content you should look at and analyze because that will give you the metrics and the data to understand what content you should do in the future produce to have a lot of initial engagement come through because this is the most important part of the engagement.

The initial engagement, this is where the algorithm makes the first decision whether or not to rank the content, feature the content or not. The post with high ITE score is more likely to go viral on Instagram reels.

6. Post daily

Post daily, yeah just post daily. I recommended, to post at least once a day. Just pick a routine that fits your need, make posting on Instagram your daily routine task.

This is the best thing you can do to go viral on Instagram reels, pick a right schedule that work foe you and stick to it. This will help you to get engaged, get featured and get more followers.

Your followers need to be entertained and you’ve to entertain them through the post & stories, yes not only post you’ve to post daily stories too. Add 5-6 stories minimum in a day.

There’s no limit for stories, add much as you can that will help you to engage with more peoples.

7. Recreate most viral reels

Repost and recreate most viral reels, if you’re a niche account just go and repost the most viral content from the biggest pages in the niche, then sit back relax and wait for your post to go viral.

Instagram reels are literally so Powerful whenever Instagram announces a new feature like this, they push it like crazy I mean reels are at the top of the explore page.

Most people consume reels now, reels is so Powerful. Much more powerful than IGTV was when it first dropped. Reels is the way to grow right now organically, so what are you doing? You should be posting as much as you can.

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If you don’t have a repost page or a niche page, recreate what’s performing. So again study your niche, study what people are doing in your niche, study the bigger pages and then analyze what’s performing the best for them, and recreate a piece of content it’s not too difficult.

So my 7 ways to go viral on Instagram reels, follow all the steps I showed you and start getting more engagement for your content.

Comment below you opinion, this was useful or not. Also you can check out my other articles similar to this topic, you’ll find more topics related to Instagram that will help you to grow your page.





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