6 Ways to Make Money through Instagram | An Exclusive Guide to Gain Followers

Earning through Instagram is trending among users.  Everyone wants to know the smart tricks to earn. The simple answer of how to make money through Instagram is, Be a Creator.

Easy to say, but how? Don’t worry, this guide will resolve all your queries. From basic to advance strategies, you will get the specific path to sail your stream.

It is funny and frustrating to count followers rise daily, while others are making thousands of dollars per post on their account. We all want to be in their shoe, right?

What if you can also earn to grow? Understand and follow the strategies to land your Instagram account as your brand.

How To Make Money Through Instagram

Can I Earn Through Instagram? If yes, then how much? 

Yes, of course, you can. The figure earned by the creators and celebs will freak you out.

An account diversified by the influencer marketing or sponsored post may start charging $25 to $50 per post.

On average, $250 to $300 is earned by the micro-influencer on a sponsored post. This report is collected by the CEO of the Influencer marketing platform. It was taken in a Business Insider interview.

Approximately $300 is with a minimum of 13k followers collects on sponsored Reels.

Famous celebs like Kendall Jenner has promoted Fyre Festival in2017. She paid $275,000 for her single post on Instagram. Though, later $90,000 works as a settlement for violating the ad regulations.

Similarly, in 2020, The Rock also get around $1,015,000 for a single sponsored post.

How Can I Make Money through Instagram? 

There are 5 Easy Ways to generate income through Instagram

  • Be a Creator: Your work will speak for you. Create eye-catchy content which captivates the interest of viewers.


  • Be an Influencer: If you want to post content sponsored by brands, present yourself as a brand. Influence others to listen and accept your words.


  • Work as an affiliate marketer: Collab with a company or individual to sell their products. You will get a commission accordingly.


  • Provide Tips and Ads: To make lifestyle easy, viewers are crawling for tips and Ads. Work on strategies that help others on daily routine.


  • Be an entrepreneur: Instagram is the best profitable place to sell your own product without investing a penny.

Does Instagram pay you for followers?

It depends, how many followers you gain on your Instagram account. I know it sucks to maintain followers. Understand and gain organic followers through “how to increase the Instagram followers”.

Brands are looking to work with influencers. Your potential engagement with followers may result in product awareness and sales rises. No matter how many followers you have, consistency and rate of engagement show potential to sponsor their product.

Your account must speak your niche. So be careful while posting the content. Brands approach influencers based on niche. If you want to make money through Instagram, maintain quality with the number of posts. After all, your post is your privilege.

Why NICHE is Important to make money on Instagram?

Have you ever followed a food blogger on Instagram? There is no denying, their posts are mouth-watering but, it also helps to discover unique dishes and restaurants you were unaware of.

This is the specialty of having a niche.

You are following them to know more about foods and restaurants. Brands will approach them to sponsor their product to create awareness.

7 out of 10 people rely on Instagram to make purchases. Half of the people depend on their opinion.

If you are good at something, sponsor it as a brand. You can sell your own products using proper #Hashtags and promote them by making reels.

In today’s era, memes are trending. Do You know why? Because it speaks an unspoken word. It entertains us, simultaneously, it shows the reality.

There are several niches you can choose to gain more Instagram followers.

  • Food/travel
  • Health/fitness
  • Motivation
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Luxury
  • Business talks and many more.

Brands are looking for micro-influencers, as they are more engaged with their followers. With the help of a specific niche, the sales rate can increase.

But, don’t limit yourself to a sponsored posts. If you want to create a proper income base, be flexible with your terms.

Wondering how many followers you need to start earning? Well, not as many as you think.

How to make money on Instagram with minimum followers?

There is no denying that followers are important. But engagement is more important. Social media is for socially connected people. Even if you have 1k followers, you can still earn.

Imagine you are standing in front of 1000 people to represent your brand. Believe me, among 1000, 300 are going to convince and 100 are converting to your deal.

This all depends on your niche. How easily you can direct your visitors to a product shows your sales conversion rate.

Always remember, engagement should be from both sides. 1k organic followers are much better than 100k fake followers.

Easy Tips to Gain Followers through Instagram.

  • Focus on Targeted Followers

When you consider the interest of an audience, they will applause for your content. Post what they like, your fan base will grow immensely.

Instagram Insights provides transparency about who these people are. Based on the information, you can easily learn about the interest of followers.

To learn more about their interest, ask them to comment. Their words will show you what they are looking for. Your current followers also make it easier to find potential new faces with similar characteristics.

Post the appealing content to maintain their interest. It’s time to promote the content which compels them to engage.

  • Use Qualitative Image

If the image attracts you, you scroll for the details. Instagram is a platform where everything depends on visualization. High-quality images stand out for getting more followers.

Scrolling through your feed, a post pop up and compel you to stop. Why a sudden interest ejects you from the post? The simple answer is, a captivating image. This type of content brands up your business.

Quality Image
Image Source: Instagram.com/zaykaa_zest

Here, creating art is not important but considering the quality is crucial.

You can use several filters and tools like Layout, PicsArt, Lightroom, or Boomerang to enhance the quality of the image. It helps to differentiate your brand.

The more appealing your image is, the more follower attracts.

  • Use of Proper #Hashtags

Hashtags are the tags significantly used to increase content reach.

In Instagram, hashtags are a kind of primary sorting function for content. Targeting keyword in hashtags allows the content to display in a list of similar interested audiences.

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, only if they are related to your content.

Using Hashtags in Instagram
Image Source: Instagram.com/magicandthecats

When you open your search feed, you find contents of your interest. This is because of the hashtags used in the content. You can research the content related to your niche to understand the trending hashtags used by your competitors.

You can also study the best hashtags through any knowledgeable medium. Try them accordingly, figure out what works for you.

Make sure to use it wisely. When the focus is on the targeted audience, you can easily gain interest in a similar one.

  • Create Engagement with Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social platform. The more you interact, the more bond you create. It is all about the relationship between users and influencers.

Try to answer their comments. It makes them feel important to you. Your interaction through post and status holds a silent emotion. Such emotions are meant to build trust.

Stories on Instagram to make Money
Image Source: Instagram.com/Pointless_existance

Post your personal routine on stories. Your followers want to know more about you. Creating transparency makes you familiar to them.

You can also use exclusive stickers to make creative stories. Stickers are the mood describer.

Few stickers are widely used in the business market like Product, quiz, location, or hashtags. Such stickers represent the details of the product to followers.

Special stickers like Quiz and poles helps to know the interest of the audience.

  • Its Giveaway Time

What if you get the reward of just tagging, liking, and sharing a post? Sounds good, right?

Launching contests is a great way to create engagement on Instagram. You can run a contest from a post and stories. Whenever you offer rewards in exchange for an action, it will grab the attention of your followers.

Ask your followers to tag the Instagram account of few brands involved. So, now that brand will be visible to every individual entering the contest. You can earn recognition.

The rate of engagement is one of the key factors to prioritize posts in your feed. Offer the prize which is valuable enough to make users want to enter. The reward should be of their interest.

  • Create a Strong Bio.

Your bio is your description place. It is a place where you share valuable information about yourself and your product.

The links and details about your content make it easy for users to understand what you offer.

Create Strong Bio in Instagram
Image Source: fashionhouse.co.in

In the above pic, the profile of Fashion House speaks what they offer. The category of the profile shows a clothing store. The users who want to purchase clothes can also contact them through their Facebook link.

Through this, you can gain the attention of new followers.

If you are a dealer, this is the best way to boost your profile. The idea of including brand hashtags and links to your website is good to promote its market.

Create an engaging bio which adds curiosity to users mind.

  • Maintain Consistency 

Your consistency shows sincerity towards your passion. If you are initiating, try to develop the habit of posting daily. Slowly you can make it 3 times a week. But, try to engage with followers through stories and comments.

The presence matters a lot. Maintaining consistency is a crucial part of invisibility. So you are compelled to post more often to secure the interest of followers.

  6 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

1.    Give a Push to Sponsored Post

Influencer marketing can never be a fade. According to Social Report, 92% of users trust word-of-mouth and opinions 76% are dependent to trust content shared by common fellows.


Increase followers through sponsored post
Image source: Instagram.com/ Luiscbart

Here, Luiscbart is sponsoring Krispy Kreme‘s donut. Users following his profile get to know about the product and it increases the sales rate of the company. So, the company pays the influencers to promote the product.

This is an easy way on Instagram to make money. You simply have to build connections with brands.

Although brands are important, the reviews and opinions matter to bring it as a trend. 82% of consumer purchase is dependent on the recommendation of a friend.

2.    Engage with other Brands.

Instagram is also a marketplace to engage brands and creators with each other. Sponsored posts work well on Instagram. But every brand wants a long-term place to grow, right?

A lot of business looks for long term relationship with an influencer, to establish a brand ambassador. Such influencers can create glamor for businesses through their promotions and make money on Instagram.

Eligible creators use monetizing tools in Brand Collabs Manager. They might also work with an influencer agency to reach out to relevant brands.

The eligible criteria for Instagram creators in Brand Collabs Manager are:

  • Constant watch time on original videos


  • More than 10,000 followers


  • Must not have any kind of content violation history


  • Active account of Business or creators


  • Combined engagement of likes and comments must exceed 1000 in the last 60 days

Even if you are a micro-influencer, no need to freak out. Instagram is the most reliable channel for all marketers. Look for brands that have a similar interest to your values.

3.    Encourage Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are links that allow influencers to get a commission from sales they inspire. Companies pay for promotion if it provides the result.

Discover high-quality affiliate programs in influencer marketing that offer recurring commissions. Such links can bring you a big amount of money.

You can do this by signing up with the companies like Awin, ClickBank, Shareasale, and Impact.

We all are familiar with the trend of Instagram. It works as an ideal feature to promote such links.

4.    Offer your products

We all are worried about, how to make money through Instagram? But, you know, it is the best way to promote your items and increase the sales rate. Instagram has become the most powerful medium for sales marketing. Users have utilized this network as a shop button.

Instagram itself provides you significant functions like in-app checkout, product tags, shoppable stickers, or labels to generate an easy sale.

Promote you Brand through Instagram
Image Source: Instagram.com/ fashionhouse.co.in

Representing your own items can highly affect your brand privilege. You can easily promote without asking for promotions.

Several well-known brands like Zara and Michael Kors offer their brand on Instagram to increase eCommerce sales.

Whether you prefer physical or digital goods, you are likely to go for trends. Instagram gives you a trending platform.


5.  Offer Social Media Marketing

Up till now, it is clear that Instagram has a strong network to promote business. It encourages sales capacity which results in business branding.

Wondering, how can you offer Social Media marketing services through Instagram?

To put it simply, brands require professional assistance to cut through the sound. According to Business, over 25M companies and 2M advertisers are promoting their brands on this platform.

The increasing number of a competitor increases the value of influence marketing. That’s why social media marketing service is in great need.

6.    Captivating Captions for Business To Make Money.

Work for “My Brand My Name” to showcase your talent for promoting and swooping the sales.

Brands of all genres are welcome on Instagram to promote their items and services. Around 92% of start-ups plan to invest time and effort in social media marketing.

Detailed caption on Instagram
Image Source: Instagram.com/foodandtraveljournal

Here, the detailed caption describes the quality and value of the product. This way, the sales rate on products increases. Some companies also hire such influencers to promote their product by composing quality captions.

Big Brands look for freelance talents to optimize their market without spending huge expenses. Finding imaginative experts to compose captions can increase the value of their posts without investing much.

Hence, composing captivating captions for business can also generate value for your profile. Simultaneously, you can start making a good amount of money.

Bonus Hack to Make Money through Instagram:

Earn on IGTV

Create content that built an organic audience. Your content on Instagram should deliver either information or entertainment to increase the chances to make money.

Creating and publishing videos are the recent trend of 2021. Instagram offers revenue on 15- second ads displayed on IGTV videos.

For example, creating a motivational video of 3 to 4 minutes grab the attention of the users facing the same issues. This can also approach the page out of YouTube’s playbook.

Influencers creating long quality videos can generate a good amount of income.

Instagram with badges in Live.

When you create broadcast on Instagram Live Videos, you earn “tips” in the form of heart badges.  Whenever any user purchases it, a heart icon will appear before their name. This is all done in Live chats.

The cost of Badges is around $0.99 to 4.99.

Your viewers can buy badges to support your session. This makes you connect with huge fan followers.

On top of that, Instagram also rewards you for achieving a Live Milestone, which includes collaborating with different accounts.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials can be in written or recorded form. They are a kind of recommendation from your following users. It supports your credibility which strengthens your reputation.

Whenever you sell any physical or digital product, ask your buyer to share their experience with you. Word-of-mouth works as prestige to your profile.

Share their experience on stories or through posts. This way, your viewers will perceive the product and acknowledge what you offer.

On Social media platforms, customer satisfaction is truly important. Users promote the accounts on a reliable basis. Sharing screenshots on posts and stories builds up the trust of users. This will ultimately help you to generate a good income.





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