18 Types of Backlinks you need to Know for SEO

Backlinks for SEO

Have you ever heard about backlinks for improving your SEO?

If you are here, then surely you’ll know that, Creating backlinks boost your site on Google SERPs. This is the topmost important element to improve your ranking on google. But what are they, and why do we need them?  What are the types of backlinks and many more?

Let’s discuss it from scratch.

What is a backlink for SEO?

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Links taken from another website to your site are backlinks. It provides authority to your site.

It provides fair points to a website. Google acknowledges such a site and helps it to rank. Higher the points, the better ranking. But just like every pole has its own effect, not every point is good for your sites.

It has a quite deep and technical concept that seems to be difficult to understand. It is important to understand, negative points can highly impact your site.

To implement the backlinks for enhancing SEO, we need to clarify its impact on link value.

So, this article is for all newbies, to understand every aspect of backlinks in a simple way.

Factors that impact link Value:

Before we move further to discuss the types of backlinks in SEO, it is crucial to understand the value of links. As discussed above, not all the links are good for your site. So to deceased the risk, let us discuss the 3 main factors affecting the value of a site.

  • Do Follow – No Follow

While publishing a site, “Do-follow” and No- follow links are coded in HTML. This link helps google acknowledge or ignore your site.

Do-follow links ask google SERPs to notice and provide SEO value to it. No-follow kinks work vice versa.

We are linking our site to boost its SEO value. Do- follow links helps your site to run up positively. Authoritative do-follow links provide higher authority. However, No-Follow links drive less traffic to your site.

To recognize the links, you can use the No-follow Simple Chrome Extension. Here you can easily check the link code.

  • Authority of site

To gain authority over your site, you need to link with authoritative sites. It’s the fact, Good or bad effect of one’s companionship.

Authoritative sites provide positive signals to search engines. It helps to recognize your site and boost up Google SERPs.

  • On-site link

While building the links it is important to seek the position of links. The links you are adding up should be in the main body. For being recognized by the search engine, it should be in a consonant position. Links added in headers or footers may not receive the same value as in the main body.

After understanding these three factors, let’s move on to our main discussion.

Types of Advantageous Backlinks:

1.     Editorial backlinks

When another website refers and links to your site, it emphasizes the quality of content. Such links are referred to as editorial links. It cannot be purchased or asked for, it’s the link conquered by a strong profile.

To be on editorial mentions, develop high-quality evergreen content and strong marketing strategies. Your unique and sharable content can make your site a leader of thought.

You can also use any Competitor Keyword Matrix to find popular keywords and topics. Keyword popularity helps you to find trending topics that keep your website upgrade.

2.     Guest blogging backlinks

Guest blogging or guest posting is one at the same. It means publishing one’s original and reliable content on another website as a guest. By building such links, bounds the marketing relations and serves expertise information to the consumer. It emphasizes both the relations and makes your site trustworthy.

Instead of using spammy links, just for the sake of building backlinks, use this strategy to explore your relationship in the market. Spammy links are highly discouraged by google, so beware to avoid those.

3.     Backlinks from webinars

Backlinks from webinars create a valuable resource for your site. It encourages other sites to link back to you. The webinar recording is a leader of highly reliable pieces of content. When other sites link to or attach other’s webinars on their site, it encourages both links and brands to it.

Post your recording of webinars on your site so that people can visit them. They may also link to them. You can also use blog promotions and find guest blogging sites.

4.     Backlinks in business profiles

Whenever you prompt to create an online business profile, link it to your site. The links on the business listing, social networks, and other industrial directories show the SERPs than a site established is high quality.

You just have to create a profile on any well-known directories or review sites. There are many such sites like Yellow pages, Foursquare, Capterra, etc. You can also consider services like Synup or Yext to create and manage your profiles.

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5.     Free-tool backlinks

Any valuable tool offered for free can seek more attention. This can be another strong method to create backlinks that highly impact SEO.

This is to create a useful asset, which provides value to those in your industry. You can also provide lite versions of similar paid tools you offer.

Free tools include every basic tool like an auto loan calculator or special industrial tools like Alexa’s Site Overview and Audience Overlap tools.

You can also promote the tools with sites to encourage backlinks.

6.     Testimonial Backlinks

If you are serving your customers for a long, then you have achieved a privilege in your industry. Satisfied customers drop their reviews and praise you on your site. Sometimes they also appreciate you by adding their links to your sites without even asking for it.

These testimonials build trust credibility and boost your brands and sales. This is genuine and straightway to attract more customers and Optimize SEO to spread wide.

7.     Competitors Links

Not everyone is a pro in creating backlinks and optimize SEO. A simple and easy way to diagnose your niche is to understand strategies working for your competitor’s website. Yes, you heard me correct. Analyze your competitor and boost your site.

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Isn’t it easy?

Any competitor backlink analysis will help you to analyze the number of links. The quality of sites linked to your competitors will also offer insight into where to promote your content. But only if you share a similar niche.

You can also use SEO tools to recognize popular keywords and engaging topics that work for your competitors. You can use them further in your content strategy.

8.     Badge backlinks

Appreciate others to gain appreciation. This is the clever rule to gain attention.

Keep sending badges and rewards to those sites which have similar interest. Once they proudly post badges on their sites, you’ll get the link.

For example, when you provide a testimonial to a site about its services, they will post it on their sites as their achievements. You will get a link back on your site without even asking for it.

9.     Backlinks from press releases worthy of media

If your website serves newsworthy, then the press releases the outlets of your news. It will help your website to gain backlinks. This can work as a profitable duty for marketing efforts. It can also create backlinks from publications and announcements. The press release can build the links effectively only if it is executed properly.


Remember to write and distribute press releases only when you have something interesting to share.

10. Infographic backlinks

Infographic backlinks are basically informative images. It depicts data or research. As per research, almost 56% of businesses use infographics.

 Almost 84% of businesses find it a crucial tool for SEO.  The best part is, they are easy to understand.

Creating infographics can be a smart move to promote your site. These backlinks can be gained by the number of shares you get on your created piece of the well-designed image. Whenever anyone shares your infographics, it can be on any medium, you get equates for your sites.

A third of searches done on Google is through image search. Almost 12.5% of Google searches show image results.

Isn’t it cool to get backlinks just by using creative infographics? You need to be précised with the image you create. It should be pleasing and related to your content.

Types of Backlinks to Avoid

11. Paid Links.

Creating backlinks is meant to boost the SEO of the sites. But what if your backlinks back-falls your site? Paid links are demised in Google SERPs. Google only promotes the site with genuine popularity. Buying and selling links are not approved by search engines.

As discussed above, not every link is good for your site. Paid links won’t give what you pay for. Nevertheless, it will affect your SEO.

12. Backlinks in press releases not Worthy of Media

The press release can make and break your site. Creating spammy backlinks in a press release for gaining SEO may conclude a negative impact on your site.

For example, when you press-release several times without having a genuine topic to share, it won’t get any interest from other sites. Your links will be spammed and affect your site.

13. Poor-quality and Article directory links

You don’t have to overdo listing in industrial directories for the sake of creating links. Links that stick to authoritative sites and trustworthy platforms work as a superior link. Overdoing links can be derived as spammy links which highly impact on SEO of sites.

14. Irrelevant forum backlinks

Forums are the platforms for authentic discussions. Joining several forums for posting links and branding your site and downfall the optimization of the site. Join the authentic and reliable place where the primary purpose is to serve genuine discussion.

Types of backlinks you can Earn

15. Claiming Brand Mentions

The fact is, not everyone is interested in linking to your website. It’s the sad reality of marketing. Every time you won’t get a backlink even if you emphasize somewhere. Sometimes you need to ask for it. Whenever you find your name on any site, find the contact of the site. first of all, thank them for the mentions. Then politely ask them to add up the link of your site in it.

To find such brand mentions is also difficult. You can also use any free specific tools:

https://www.google.com/alerts (Free)

16. Resource Articles

You can easily find many reviews and guide articles on google SERPs. Pages such as“top 10 famous restaurants in Delhi” or “Ultimate guide to Paris”, contain a page of some legal forms one can easily download.

Such articles contain several Backlinks to various other contents which might be crucial for visitors.

To get natural backlinks, such content can be useful. You can easily earn 100% organic backlinks if it has a higher authoritative domain. It makes perfect for your link.

You just need to ask the author to update the content. It’s quite a difficult task to earn links.

17. Fix Broken links

Fix broken Link is the process of finding a dead site. Dead sites are the sites that emphasize 404 pages not found. You can easily find such sites with the help of Google Chrome Extension “ Broken Link Checked”.

You can scan websites and get links that no longer work. Then ask the site owner of suitable replacement from your website.

18. Reach out to Bloggers

I still can’t get my head around the number of bloggers exceeds in a particular area. Such bloggers work greatly to outreach the site widely.

You can easily approach them and build a good relation to visualize on their sites. Tricky much, right?

But most bloggers don’t earn much. So to help them grow an organic audience, provide them relevant content. By doing so, you will easily gain links.

What are the Benefits of Backlinks?

We have discussed the types of backlinks and almost understand their value in SEO.

Help SERPs to Trace you.

Backlinks are a word of mouth for your site. The more you get the better your rise. When you get links from an authoritative site, google glances at your site as a trustworthy site.

Improve Domain Authority and Reputation

It’s a false assumption that more backlinks lead to a higher ranking. You should improve your domain authority with reputation. It’s always about the quality links, not quantity. Focus on every aspect while creating backlinks. You need high-quality backlinks from reliable sites.

Get More Eyesite

Backlinks help you to stand like a brand. You can earn more audience that relies on your content.

Getting more traffic leads to boost your authority in the products and services you are offering.


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