16 Best Tools for Digital Marketing in 2021


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Digital marketing helps to grow your business in a wide range. You are here, which clearly shows you are completely aware of the digital world.

If you are looking for the best tools to simplify your digital marketing process, you are at the right place.

Still, finding the steps to start digital marketing? Refer to 10 Exclusive Steps for Beginners to start Digital Marketing. It is a simple and basic guide for newbies.

What are the 7 Elements of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing involves all digital procedures where marketing takes place. These include the following categories. 

  • Search engine optimization: An important factor that helps to increase your search visibility on google.
  • Content marketing: A marketing strategy that attracts, engages and retains the audience. Here you create, share and podcast articles or videos.
  • Email marketing: It is a unique form of marketing to make your customers aware of your offers and services. 
  • Social media marketing: Social media is a boon for the marketing industry. This includes social media and social networks to increase marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing: It is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays commission to another website to outsource traffic or sales established through its referrals.
  • Mobile Marketing: A marketing technique that intends to reach a specific audience on their smartphones and digital device through websites, emails, SMS, social media is mobile marketing. This involves all mobile applications that promote Ideas, products, and services.
  • Paid search: It is a market where advertisers pay search engines as google AdSense. These ads are the placements on SERPs. It works on a pay-per-click basis.9

Do you know about the 7 P’s that affect the Tools digital marketing factors?

These 7 P’s play the ace card in digital marketing.

Product: It is anything that you offer to your audience.

Price: The value of your product and services.

Promotion: To create awareness.

Place: Decides the range of demand in marketing.

People: Nature, taste, and price factor decides the choice of people.

Package: Package, offers, and sales attract the audience in marketing.

Process: This is a tracking part of a product or service to a customer.

Best Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies:

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is previously known as Google AdWords. In the long list of Best tools on Digital Marketing, Google Ads provides effective ways to promote sites and services. 

This tool assists your brand and company. With that you can also find relevant users, client’s that are important to determine the health of your site and improve your conversion rate.

If you work appropriately, Google Ads provides you promising click-through rates.

2. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the analyzing tools in the digital marketing area. What if you get the key to unlocking the details of competitors’ effective keywords and ads?  This tool will provide you with the best assessment of digital marketing campaigns run by your competitors. 

The pricing relies on your needs. There are three different packages available in SpyFu.

Basic Package: $33 per month

Professional Package: $58 per month

Team package: $199 per month

The basic package allows you unlimited search results, domain, data analysis, domain overview, and leads contacts, and weekly keywords.

The Professional and Team packages help you further for sales leads and keyword rankings. 

This tool provides extensive services to optimize your online marketing campaigns. You can also track the keywords and ads that work well in successful digital marketing campaigns.

SpuFu facilitates you to download competitor’s digital ads and organic search results. 

3. SEMRush

I consider SEMRush to be the top-rated keyword research, SEO improvement, and competitor analytical tool.

Well, what more does a marketer want? 

This tool plays a vital role in digital marketing. It helps you to understand the taste of content that drives the highest ROI for competitors. You can also analyze the on-page SEO errors.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

Analyze the top-performing competitor content and work on the same to create a better version of it. 

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You can discover the suitable keywords that work for your site and can monitor them weekly. The website’s issues can also be rectified.

4.  MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing software that is top-rated in the digital marketing industry. It contains both free and paid versions. 

Here, the usage of this tool is smooth and simple. Any non-technical person can operate it easily. Also, it has adjustable price features. You can choose your rates as per the demand of your business.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

You can also schedule the emails by finding an appropriate time to pitch your customers. This tool will show you the details and analytics to improve digitalization in your business.

Emails are more captivating if you add images, gifs, special fonts and somehow make them look personalized. You can also relish this feature in MailChimp.

5. Biteable

While using social media, have you ever got any promotional video which grabs your attention?

This is a marketing trick to attract the customer through graphics and music. Graphics gives customers more understanding about the products and music provides smoothness in time.

Biteable is the best tool to create engagement as well as informative short videos. This software provides you with templates, footage as well as music that ease your online campaign.

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Even if you are a newbie with creating videos, you can also work along easily.

6. AdEspresso

Accomplished marketing agencies can easily control hundreds or even thousands of ads for their clients. 

Do you know how they work so easily and with punctuality?  A tool like AdEspresso can be an incredible boon to your marketing agency tools.

Any freelancer or an experienced marketing agency can relish the benefits of AdEspresso. This tool gives the right combination of Automation tools that saves your time and induces more leads for your clients. 

AdEspresso works from single platforms and operates three campaign channels i.e. Facebook ads, Google AdWord, and Instagram ads. It allows you to create and analyze your client’s campaigns.

The special feature of AdEspresso allows you to ease the onboarding of new clients using its Onboarding Requests tool. It helps you to provide your clients access to their pages and ad accounts. Surprisingly, this won’t take much friction and you can gain reliability.

Besides, if somehow you change your mind and want to add external services, you can request access to your client’s CRM. This way, you can connect to AdEspresso.

7. Flippa

Want to build an affiliate site from scratch?

Flippa helps you with the complete process of creating an affiliate site. This tool provides you a serving market area for people to buy and sell websites. You can create e-commerce websites. 

Affiliate Marketers can approach you to buy sites that have a powerful backlink profile to establish SEO growth.

You can also run a full backlink audit before purchasing a domain. This will help you build credibility that the authority of the domain doesn’t increase by black hat SEO practice. 

8. ShareAsale

Affiliate marketing works strongly in the digital marketing Industry. This helps to build partnerships with sites that want sales.  

ShareASale is a site connecting distributors to advertisers on online platforms. 

If you are looking to increase sales online, this is a great starting point.

You can get facilities like,

  • Paid per call
  • Lead
  • Website visitors

ShareASale is a resource that drives advertisers. If you are looking for a much higher commission per sale by trading straight with advertisers, you can definite out.

9. AdThrieve

We all want to make money through AdSense. But is it okay to earn only a few dollars per 1000 visitors?

To build a successful online business, you have to use tools that serve you more. 

AdThrive is involved in the working of your sites and joins the board to optimize your ads for better performance. This tool works as a part of your team and oversees the analytics to understand the advertisers. This will help you to see the best performance on your site. 

By doing so,  you can predict fair CTRs on your ads, which results in more revenue.

10.  Instasize

Mobile marketing is also a part of digital marketing. You can also consider that digital marketing is zero without mobile marketing. The most engaging part for customers is the attraction of images. 

You can get several editing applications on mobile but do try Instasize. It is easily adaptable and fun using this app that contains the following features.

  • Resize your images
  • Creative collages
  • Modify borders
  • Varieties of free fonts
  • Update the features
  • Smart tools like filters and beauty tool

This app provides you the special benefit of professional images that are directly delivered to your feed. So overall, you can get more features to improve the qualities of an image. This will help you to attract your promotional posts and that too in a basic and free version.

You can also go for the premium version which starts from $4.99 per month. This version allows you to get more impressive filters, patterns, and borders to create a more effective image. 

The recent iOS update can amaze you. This provides access to Unsplash’s wide library that contains efficient images which were designed by worldwide designers.

11. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an SMS marketing tool where a business sends bulk and personalized messages to their customers. SMS marketing is rapidly growing in popularity with convenient and universal factors.

In comparison to a few old marketing tactics, MoblieMarketing works as the smartest tool in the digital marketing industry.  

MS marketing is rapidly growing in popularity, and that’s because it’s instant, convenient, and universal. This won’t cost you much for the conversions, clients, and revenue.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

This tool provides you features like:

  • Tracking the leads
  • Scheduling delivery of a message
  • Analyze the results of delivering messages based on behaviors and interactions

When you send any messages to a company, you receive a welcoming or reasonable text in a few seconds. These texts are scheduled texts which the company allots as a quick response to a customer.

This procedure becomes simple with MobileMonkey. Using several opt-in options, such as website chat SMS, message keywords and an SMS opt-in popup form can help you to make a quick response.

12. Instagram/Facebook

Social media is considered the best tool to win the game in the digital marketing industry. It works best and is a manageable way to promote business. Instagram and Facebook are no less in this. Quality image and proper hashtags can make your business gain credibility. 

Facebook is a marketplace where you can offer services at minimum charges. Running the ads makes this work more effectively and you can build a handful out of it.

Campaigns are established on Instagram and FaceBook that help to promote the business in just a few clicks. The feature of insights provides you facilities for tracking and analyzing audience engagement.  

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For gaining an organic audience, I suggest you go for the paid promotions. This will be the investment for better results.

13. Google Analytics

The word Google itself represents the overall authority of the internet. You can track almost every detail of your PPC campaigns. You can also discover the website performance and improve them for better results.

Surprisingly, it is a free tool to use. It does have a premium version for large enterprises. 

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

It can help you with site traffic, landing pages, locations, and somehow every single key factor determines the health of your site.

Even if you are struggling with digital marketing functions, Google offers you a free course to learn how to use it. Click on: Free Course

14. Medium/WordPress

Medium and WordPress is a free blogging and publishing site. You were wondering, how it helps us in digital marketing?

You can publish an article or start blogging for your product/services and share the details on this site. WordPress is the simple and best way to create a landing page to promote your business.

Websites help the business to grow immensely. In this digital era, you can gain as well as share the experience of the services you get. This is word-of-mouth which helps to build the credibility of the business.

Share such testimonials on your site, and it will help you to grow easily.

15. Twitter Analytics 

Twitter provides you a market space to share your opinion, reviews, and details of products and services. To run the campaign, you also need to analyze the results.

Best Digital Marketing Tools 2021

Twitter Analytics provides you with a bulk of data. I am sure, the results are going to impress you. Analytics works for monitoring the data. You can get the details of views and engagement of the audience with your tweets.

Your Twitter campaign can be more effective by having demographical data of your followers.

16. Unbounce

The page that compels you to know further about the offers, to build trust among customers, and likely go for a product is the landing page of a business. 

Are you ready to create a great landing page?

Take a look at Unbounce. This helps you with the following features:

  • 80+ Templates
  • Customization facilities
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Suitable for products, sales, lead generation, ebooks, etc

It is paid tool which costs $49 per month. You can also sign up for a free trial. 

Unbounce is listed among the best tools in digital marketing because of the great results of a landing page. Besides, this contains conversion intelligence and smart traffic tools.

Unbounce is more popular among marketing agencies. Agencies are for the betterment of business and create conversion stories through their campaign. But only website traffic isn’t going to provide much. 

So the Landing page works it all. The focused messages brought the visitors to the page and help to increase the conversion rate. This provides the best results to the marketing campaign and also satisfies the customer.

You can also try LeadPages to grow your business. This is quite similar to Unbounce features. You can go for 14 days free trial and if it suits you, proceed further.



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