11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow

What is the Reason? Why do my Instagram followers never grow?

I am trying hard to gain followers, but nothing works.

I have implemented all types of promotion and tactics but, Alas! It all fails.

Are you facing the same problems?

Instagram accounts are nothing without followers. You know, when you try something to achieve, sometimes you overdo your efforts. 

There was a time when few tactics and follow for follow rules worked, but now it is not so easy. It takes a good period to gain a handful of followers.

Nowadays, Instagram has rapidly grown to its peak. It is a well-known social market where everyone wants to stand out proudly. 

So now what? Should you lose the hope to win this competition?

The answer is a big NO.

Before calling for the audience, ask three things to yourself:

What is so good in your feed to make the audience follow you?

What makes your account stand differently?

Can you help or relate your audience with your content?

If so, then move to the reason you should work on to grow your Instagram audience.

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A Few Reasons Why your Instagram Followers Isn’t Growing?

1. Lack of Engagement with your audience.

I understand that with the hectic schedule of creating and posting content, we may lose the response channel. But to gain the attention of the audience, you have to give them equal attention.

To create a good engagement, respond to their comments. Sometimes they directly message you to resolve their queries. Be responding. This platform is called “Social Media”, so make sure you are always socializing equally.

The audience won’t bother to make interaction in two cases:

  • You are not responding
  • Your content is no call-to-action.

The second case means, the contents are not compatible with the audience. 

The secret that keeps your audience to yourself:

  • Start engaging through posts and comments.
  • Create content that is active and open to discussion.
  • Even if you have 100-200 followers, be regular in posting stories that speak “Ask Me” or “Poll Check”.

2. Lack of consistency.

When we create an account, we are full of energy to boost and raise it immensely. But after a week or month, the graph of posting and engagement falls as we don’t get satisfactory results.

If you are a newbie, you have to build up your feed with quality content. Be regular with your post and if you don’t get the time of posting the content, share your schedule through stories.

Your audience is at a peak to unfollow you, your lack of consistency will give them the reason for it. 

The secret to maintaining consistency:

Before creating an account, at least 30 posts should be ready to post (if you are posting at a niche). This way you won’t have to push yourself to create posts regularly and quality will be maintained.

3. Lack of appearance: 

Your audience wants to know you. If you are the person who simply posts the content regularly but never shares your profile, your audience will never get the personal touch with you.

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Instagram is your family and you must treat them as well. 

The secret that maintains appearance:

  • If you had dinner in any restaurant, review the food and place.
  • Review the books you read
  • Share your hobby and schedule
  • Be active on stories.

In short, even if you are stuck with your work, take a few minutes to let your audience know that you won’t be available for a short time with genuine reason.

4. Lack of interaction with others account:

We have this tendency to get followers without following others. I mean, what? Does that even make any sense?

If you are the person who posts comments like “kindly check my account” or “please follow me” then STOP right here. You are making it obvious that you don’t have to do anything with other accounts and their contents. 

Try to build the relationship rather than begging for followers. 

The Secret that builds a good Interaction:

  • Follow at least 500 other accounts every week to increase your visibility.
  • Appreciate others’ content.
  • Like different contents and share them in your stories.
  • Use suitable hashtags and tag the related accounts.

5. Fail to maintain strategies of stories and Instagram features.

Instagram launched the feature of stories in August 2016. Over 400 million users use this feature daily. As discussed above, stories are also equally important to grow your account

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Posting quality photos is good, but you should also expand your account. You must focus on other features of Instagram like reels, IGTV, and stories.

The secret that involves feature strategies:

  • Make creative reels and stories.
  • Extend the use of IGTV.
  • Use insights and promotional features to supervise and expand the account.

Learn how to grow the views of your Instagram stories. 

6. Your contents are not up to the Mark.

To grow more followers on Instagram, you have to be crystal clear about posting. Your content must speak about what you want to share. Yes, of course, quality and quantity matter a lot in your content. But more importantly, your topic of content is concerned. 

More tricks on Instagram followers

If you are on Instagram just for the sake to gain followers but don’t have a clear idea about what to post, any strategies are not going to work. If you are confused about posting, how can your visitors rely on your content?

11 Reasons Why Your Instagram followers never Grow

Personal blogs are trending but only if you share the stuff that relates to your audience. Remember, no one is interested in your life or likes unless you are a person like Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The Secret to improve your content:

  • Create uniformity in your content.
  • Follow a certain niche to make your account fall under the specific category.
  • Create content that educates or inspires your audience.

7. The Importance of Being yourself.

There are many reasons why your Instagram followers are not growing, but you know what is the bitter truth? You are not being you.

Being real is your identity as well as dignity. Not even on social media platforms, but specifically on Instagram accounts, family is built on trust.

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People follow you for who you are. You can be an influencer, creator, business person, blogger, and so on. 

The secret of how to be yourself:

  • Be open and make your followers feel they are within your reach.
  • Write a quality caption to make your post more clear to understand.
  • Avoid over-editing in photos and try to look real.
  • Write captions that speak your voice. Avoid robotic or bland tones.

8. Excess of promotion.

Anything which is done extremely, defame on its own. When you overdo cooking, it gets burned, right? 

Similarly, when you do excess promotions, your account may fall under the category of spam. Your audience may feel your deliberateness in seeking attention and Instagram can mark you as a spammer as well. 

Surprisingly, the reason why your Instagram followers aren’t growing may be because of your promoting strategies.

With promotions, you have to focus on the quality of content. 

The Secret to promote wisely:

  • Be patient. This may take a period.
  • Promote wisely through organic promotional channels. You can try Kicksta for improving the audience.
  • Don’t just dump a product on your audience. Be generous and add some resonating substance.

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9. Lack informative profile:

When you purchase a candy, from its outer cover, you can predict the inner product and flavors easily, right?

This is how a profile works. It is the wrapper of your business. You can impress or depress your visitor in just a few seconds. Most of us solely target to build content and neglect the profile details. But this minor fault can greatly impact our viewers.

Your profile needs to change on time. When the audience comes to visit your account, the first impression is your profile picture, bio, and links you add to it. If an audience does not like or engage with them, they will leave without thinking a bit.

The Secret to Optimize your Profile:

  • Your profile should be unique and personal to you.
  • It should be something that can be easily remembered by others. The more significant you can make it, the better.
  • Your face or your brand logo should be visible on your profile picture. Make sure that you care about its size and its presentation also.

Your profile bio should be clear, crisp, and direct. Make it intriguing enough and well-written. Don’t make it boring. Your bio should attract people’s attention and jump off the screen.

10. Lack of specific target

In the race to gain followers, you might notice the other accounts and start building your content accordingly. I am not saying this is wrong. I mean this is best for you to get inspired and improve your account but what you fail here is the focus.

When you only focus to grow Instagram followers, you might slip your attention from your niche. This works as a backfall for you. 

You know, the reason why you don’t grow Instagram followers lies behind the gesture of your account. Sometimes you only want followers but don’t have a specific target to present. This way you are not going to achieve better results. Even if you keep on promoting your feed, your gained followers will also leave you behind.

11 Reasons Why Your Instagram followers never Grow

The Secret to target the audience:

  • Figure out for whom you are posting.
  • Post the contents only around the related topic.
  • Don’t combine the mixture of posts. This will confuse your audience.
  • Make your end goal and try to achieve it.

11.  Excess use of Fake Follower increasing tools.

There is one thing that can turn the whole game of your Instagram account i.e. to go against the terms of services.

Yes, boosting your audience may increase your likes and shares and you might win the short-term engagement. But, what about your content?

You might ask your influencer, that I invest my time, efforts, and also sometimes money, but my followers always drop down. Have you ever noticed your content?

Remember, real growth and results never come easily.

Instagram has been supervising your efforts and your sources to gain followers. Be generous with its terms and conditions and always try to focus on quality content.

The Secret to Avoid Risky tools:

Avoid posting inappropriate and sensitive posts and comments.

Rather than buying followers, build your feed to read first.

To increase organically is difficult, but using fake tools may also affect your reputation.

Grow organically on Instagram Account in 30 Days 

Step 1. Chose your Niche

This is the most important part to increase your followers. Your niche will help your audience understand your products, offers, and services.

You can also choose any of the following niches:

  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health and fitness
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Sports
  • Gym and Yoga
  • Motivation
  • Songs /lyrics
  • Travel 

Step 2. Build up to 50 Posts

When you visit a shop and you don’t get the everything choices of products, you may prefer to go elsewhere, right?

Your account is also your shop.  Everything depends on how well you build your content and its presentation so that your visitors won’t get bored and leave your place.

Especially on Instagram, Don’t crawl for follower’s growth until you reach your 50th post.

Step 3. Follow your niche-related account and its followers.

When you follow your niche-related accounts, you eventually participate in your environmental market. This way you can easily, keep an eye on their content and marketing strategies.

Follow up-to 1000 followers who are equally interested in your content. You are going to see the results immensely. Weirdly, we all want less following than followers. But, you must understand, you are building your account. You have to create awareness.

If you don’t have funds to invest in for promotions or you want to grow organically, this is the best way. Here, you don’t have to worry about followers dropping down. They won’t leave you unless you give them the above reasons.

So figure out why your Instagram followers are not growing, and improve your strategies.


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