10 amazing gadgets available on Amazon

There are lots of cool gadgets you can buy from Amazon. Today you’ll see about amazing gadgets that are worth buying, I found 15 amazing gadgets available on Amazon for your daily life. Modern tech can be quite impressive, some gadgets are literally amazing so let’s have a look on 15 amazing cool gadgets available on Amazon.

10 amazing gadgets available on Amazon

  1. Lily drone
  2. Polaroid Zip wireless mobile photo mini printer
  3. WT2 language translator ear buds
  4. Self sealing party balloons inflator
  5. Mini folding book lamp
  6. Doodler pen
  7. ZUUM self-balancing shoes and electric skates
  8. Appbot riley movable robot camera
  9. CLOKCKY alarm clock
  10. Moon light lamp


Lily drone

  • Lily camera is same as drone that follows you and capture the unforgettable memories of your life. Lily drone is come with incredible features like Self flying, throw and shoot, foldable legs & blades and many more features. This drone has the ability to follow its owner. The Lily camera is the first throw and shoot camera in the world, an auto-piloting drone that can self-launch with the sensor pad strapped on your wrists which also known as tracking device (unit’s controller) it’s come with waterproof case, yes the lily camera is waterproof. The camera is capable shooting at 1080p, Slow motion video 720p and 12 MP for still photos. You can set different type of modes in the lily camera like follow mode, lead mode and loop mode. Follow mode means the drone will follow you wherever you go, the lead mode where it follows but in front of you and capture you from front side and there’s loop 360 tracking mode where camera will spin around you. If you’re thinking to buy a drone then this one is just perfect for you. Click here to buy this

Polaroid Zip wireless mobile photo mini printer

  • Print your favorite selfie and camera memories with the Polaroid zip mobile printer, just connect your phone via Bluetooth and print your pictures instantly. This mini printer is pocket sized design and travel friendly, the small size make it easy to carry so you can go with this printer wherever you want to go. The Polaroid zip instantly prints your favorite images anytime anywhere. Wireless printer that allows you to print directly from smartphones or tablet (Android & IOS). Photos you print are 2 × 3 inches in size and have a peel-off adhesive sticker back so you can stick that memories on walls or make a scrapbook. The photo printer uses Zink Zero ink to produce photo quality. You can edit your photos with the Polaroid zip app, see pictures before you print it get the picture perfect printing by adjusting brightness, color temperature, blur setting and much more. You can also use filters and add snappy borders, download the free Polaroid mobile app and print your pictures in less than 60 seconds. Pictures you prints are water resistant, smudge proof and also dry to the touch. The printer comes with a USB cable, battery support up to 25 prints on a single charge which is really nice. Click here to buy this

WT2 language translator ear buds

  • Today we’ll see a very interesting and important gadget which could possibly change the way we communicate with each other. WT2 ear buds are real time language translator. This is for world traveler or you can use it when you go to abroad for a trip, we go to different countries where we don’t understand their language but with the help of this ear buds we can talk to peoples who have different languages with real time translation. You can easily communicate with new people who don’t even know your language isn’t it cool? The world first translation ear buds. It is fast and accurate. Wherever you go and whoever you meet you can easily express yourself in any language. This ear buds can recognize 40 languages + 93 accents that covers 85% of the entire population in the world. Arabic, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian,
  • Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai and many more. Both ear buds don’t go in your ear, you have one device for the host and other device for the guest. Connect you phone with ear buds via Bluetooth and you’ll see there are three modes, so first you’ve got simul mode which basically allows absolutely hand free and natural conversation. The second mode is touch mode it’s like a walkie talkie so each person touches to speak and then release and it will automatically translate what you said. The third mode is speaker mode where one person wear earbuds and the other person will hear the response on the actual Mobile phone so could be translating to a group of people. So if you want to buy a language translator device this one is best just go for it. Click here to buy this

Self sealing party balloons inflator

  • Must have product for home where children balloons for birthday or any other function. It just makes life so much easier and saves you the hassle of inflating the balloons by bursting your lungs. Good bye to those hand machine for inflating balloons, this balloon inflator will safe your time, energy and worked wonder. The best thing you can bought for the party decorations fill your room with balloons at birthday, engagement and parties. Completely safe to use, you don’t need to worry about having tanks of hydrogen and helium lying around which are potentially dangerous. Light weight and portable design air pump. It comes with two different modes automatic and semi-automatic, choose the right mode for your different balloons. This is one of the best product very easy to use and inflate lots of balloons in just few minutes without anyone help. No more blowing balloon no need to waste your precious time try this product you’ll definitely love it. You can reuse balloons and this inflator can also be used to blow up pool inflatables and air mattresses. 40 balloons in just 40 seconds, No more blowing no more tying. Ribbons and strings already attached so you can save your time. Click here to buy this

Mini folding book lamp

  • The best surprise lamp you have ever seen a book shaped eye-catching lamp, best gift for anyone and for home decor open the book and see a normal book transform into a beautiful lamp. The book lamp is very sleek, beautiful and light, in the house where are few sockets for power this is an amazing find & buy product. It is good for gift proposes on any special day like a birthday gift, marriage gift, anniversary gift and for book lovers, excellent in terms of brightness and looks. It opens from the 0 degree to 360 degrees and wooden are made from environment walnut wooden material. Suitable for night light, book reading, small table lamps or place it in your dressing table and you’re good to go. This book lamp runs on a rechargeable battery, it take 1-2 hours to fully charge the lamp and runs for 5-6 hours. This lamp come with a USB cable. Great as a gift or home decor give it a try and you won’t be disappointed for sure. Click here to buy this

Doodler pen

  • Imagine a pen that can literally draw in the air that’s a really cool stuff to have in your house even children can use this doodler pen without any problem, super safe for kids with low plastic so you can’t burn yourself. A fun device for graphic designers, crafters and students. It is a brilliant option for gifting kids and it helps in increasing their creativity this doodler pen will helps your children to develop creative skills. Accurate speed control by high performance motor design quality in design to assure jam free drawing. Creative, unique and easy to use doodler pen brings your art ideas to reality. It is more comfortable while drawing, about 30% lighter, slimmer and even easier to use than a normal 3D pen. The doodler pen heats then rapidly cools plastic allowing instant 3D creation and with no software or computers, the possibility are limited only by your imagination. Overall this pen is great and easy to you and it’s awesome because you can’t burn yourself. If you’re looking to draw up in the air or create 3D objects then this best creative doodler pen. Click here to buy this

ZUUM self-balancing shoes and electric skates

  • Innovative self-balancing electric skates that both kids and adults can enjoy, this skates allow you to
  • Easily ride through, ride them inside or even at the park. They are light weight and easy to carry, they come with carrying straps that will help you to carry them easily you can go with the ZUUM skates anywhere. 350 watt motors for smooth ride without sacrificing the speed. The self-balancing design make them easy and stable so you can enjoying without any problem. Now the question is how to ride this skates so let me clear one thing that it’s so easy to ride the ZUUM skates and safe for all ages, simple lean forward to go forward and lean backward to move backwards. It comes with a battery which have fireproof casing around them, ZUUM skates have been tested through fire, water and drop tests so you’ll have peace mind knowing that you’re spending your money on the product that really worth it. They work well, charge well and battery lasts overall the best self-balancing skates that you can buy from amazon. Click here to buy this

Appbot riley movable robot camera

  •  Riley is a fun and easy to use mobile robot wireless security camera. It gives you the feeling of safety at night with a built in night vision camera. Riley is the newest movable robot camera that connects to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi. You can control riley from almost anywhere. Use riley to check on your pets or to make sure doors are locked. This movable camera allows you to talk through the mic, and you can also see or listen what’s going on. The riley has the body of Robot or like a remote controlled Wi-Fi car on the top there’s a IP security camera with a 5 megapixels resolution that capture 720p HD video and also offers infrared sensor so you can still see content under low light environment, so this is really useful if you have a larger space to cover and a traditional IP camera obviously a static it stays in one place but this allow you to change it and you can place it into different rooms and this will move 360 degree around so you will get a nicer view what’s going around in your house. It works really well as a mobile security camera and allows you to check areas where you have no CCTV coverage. The riley camera is moved via the smart phone app so if you want to buy a home security camera then this one will definitely not disappoint you. Click here to buy this

CLOKCKY alarm clock

  • It is a very unique gadget an alarm clock for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. alarm clock with wheels so that it runs off when the alarm sounds making it impossible for you to hit the snooze button and then fall back asleep you have to actually get up and search for it run after it to turn the alarm. This is really cool alarm clock that runs away beeping to get you to out of bed. Can’t wake up?
  • You’re not alone. Stats show that 40% people are heavy sleepers. CLOKCKY is the only alarm clock that will run away, hide, chase, roll, wheel, beep and jump. It’s the most annoying alarm clock and louder enough to get you up on time. Do you abuse the snooze? Know someone who does? Then this perfect gift for that heavy sleepers so they will never be late again. This comes in a number of different colors and beep R2D2 like robotic sounds, option to snooze once or disable snooze and to turn off wheels and use like a conventional alarm clock. This alarm clock will help you to get up early, you are forced to get out of bed and turn it off so if you’re heavy sleeper then this is the best alarm clock for you. Click here to buy this

Moon light lamp 

  • The moon lamp is a perfectly romantic and mysterious gift for your kids, parents and lover. There are two light warm and soft light, when its orange it looks like mars and when it’s white it looks like the moon. It comes with a touch control long press the button to enable steeples brightness control. Adjustable lightning color between warm yellow and cool white to create the ideal sleep environment for your baby and families. A best baby nursery lamp to care eyes and safe money. You can place it anywhere you like. This would be a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom night table or in home office where you simply want a relaxing soft light. Simple, beautiful, practical and easy to operate. You can hold it on your hand or put anywhere you like with the wood holder. USB chargeable for use anytime anywhere and soft light that will not harm your eyes. You’ll receive 1 moon light lamp, 1
  • Wooden holder, 1 USB charging cable and a user manual. This lamp is simply beautiful and I Highly recommended it. Click here to buy this

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